The Hindu Temple

by Alain Danielou

Publisher: Inner Traditions

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About the book

Danielou's masterpiece on the erotic nature of the sacred symbolism of the Hindu temple. - Includes stunning photographs from the major temple complexes of India. - By Alain Danielou, one of the greatest authorities on Hinduism. Ancient Indian architectural treatises state that a temple lacking erotic imagery would be ineffective and maleficent. The erotic statues and representations that cover the outer and inner walls of the Hindu temple serve both a magical and an instructional purpose. Through the power of the yantras--the magical diagrams created by the placement of the erotic imagery--the architect made the temple a faithful reflection of the divine. At the same time this imagery educated the faithful about the fundamental aspects of the Hindu religion, wherein the union of opposites in the sexual act is the perfect image of the creative principle, and erotic enjoyment is a reflection of divine bliss. Alain Danielou's masterpiece on the Hindu temple, now translated for the first time into English, provides a stunningly illustrated tour of the major temple complexes of India. The erotic sculptures that cover the walls of these temples are not merely symbolic portrayals of voluptuous acts but serve as profound reminders that man is closest to the divine during the instant of sexual transcendence.

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Book :The Hindu Temple

Book ID :101211

Author :

Alain Danielou

ISBN 13 :9780892818549

Year of Publication :2001

Edition :First

Publisher :

Inner Traditions

Binding :Softcover

Pages :130

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