Exploring Yoga and Cancer

by Dr Swami Yogapratap

Publisher: Yoga Publications Trust

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About the book

Exploring Yoga and Cancer applies the insights of modern medical science and yogic understanding. An in-depth analysis is provided of how cancer develops, including at the subtle levels of being, the principles supporting yogic cancer management, and how yoga practices work to help reverse and manage the effects of cancer. Part 1 explains what cancer is and how it forms, and looks at the various causes. Part 2 examines how the yoga practices work to aid those with cancer. Detailed advice and information to assist the formation of yogic management plans for different people with different types of cancers is offered in Part 3. Part 4 presents an introduction to research in the field of yoga and cancer.

Details of the book

Book :Exploring Yoga and Cancer

Book ID :104434

Author :

Dr Swami Yogapratap

ISBN 13 :9788186336830

Year of Publication :0000

Edition :-

Publisher :

Yoga Publications Trust

Binding :Softcover

Pages :278

Size :14 x 22 Cms.

Weight :1 Kg.

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