School Essays, Letters, Paragraphs, Comprehension and Stories (For Middle Classes)

by Madan Sood

Publisher: Goodwill Publishing House

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About the book

This book encompasses a wide range of essays paragraphs, stories, letters and comprehension and is meant for students studying at Middle level. There are variegated themes to motivate the learner to use English for purpose of communication and expression. A conscious effort has been made to provide interesting reading material and the book aims at facilitating extra reading, as students of all standards are expected to read beyond the prescribed text books. All categories of essays, paragraphs, stories and letters find a place in this book. The Introduction section provides a comprehensive background to the learners about the topics that have been dealt in this book. As the Comprehension of the given passage and providing answers to the questions asked pertaining to the passage form part of all test/examinations, from Primary to the highest level examinations, exercises on Comprehension will enable the students to solve any unseen passage which they may come across in their school tests or annual examinations. Exercises include very useful exercises on Practical Grammar/Usage, and answers to fully solved exercises on Comprehension have been provided to enable the students to evaluate their grasp of the topics.

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Book :School Essays, Letters, Paragraphs, Comprehension and Stories (For Middle Classes)

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Author :

Madan Sood

ISBN 13 :9788172454159

Year of Publication :0000

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Publisher :

Goodwill Publishing House

Binding :Softcover

Pages :208

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