Spoken English

by Alison Reid

Publisher: Goodwill Publishing House

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About the book

It is not always true that one who can write and read English confidently and effortlessly can speak it fluently too. Sometimes, people good at reading and writing English find themselves tongue-tied when it comes to expressing it verbally. Learning how to speak English fluently and flawlessly is no rocket science. It requires patience and constant endeavour for positive improvements. Spoken English, created by Alison Reid, aims at offering uncomplicated, effortless and efficient ways to learn how to speak English confidently and impressively.

Details of the book

Book :Spoken English

Book ID :109462

Author :

Alison Reid

ISBN 13 :9788172450656

Year of Publication :0000

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Publisher :

Goodwill Publishing House

Binding :Softcover

Pages :120

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Weight :1 Kg.

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