Arise Arjuna: Hinduism and the Modern World

by David Frawley

Publisher: Voice of India, New Delhi

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About the book

CONTENTS: Preface I. SOCIAL ISSUES : 1. Arise Arjuna 2. Hinduism in Crisis 3. Misrepresentation of Hinduism in the Press 4. Hindu Fundamentalism : What is it? 5. Leftist Scholarship in India 6. India and the Concept of Nation-State 7. Religious Persecution in Pakistan 8. Taking Offense at One's Religion Being Criticized II. RELIGIOUS ISSUES : 1. Vedanta, Unity and Universality 2. Practical Vedanta, the Real Message of Vivekananda 3. The Unity of Religion and the Unity of Truth 4. The Unity of Religion and Religious Tolerance 5. Swami Rama Tirtha on Islam 6. A Comment of Ram Swarup's Hindu View of Christianity and Islam 7. Yogic Spirituality and Islam III. HISTORICAL ISSUES : 1. India and Hinduism in the Mahabharata 2. The Aryan Invasion of India Questioned in Western Textbooks 3. The Aryan-Dravidian Divide 4. The Unity of the Vedic and Shaivite Religions 5. The Ancestry of Ravana IV. Cultural ISSUES : 1. East and West : Where is The Boundary? 2. The Value of Hindu Culture for the World 3. An American Discovers the Vedas

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Book :Arise Arjuna: Hinduism and the Modern World

Book ID :14655

Author :

David Frawley

ISBN 13 :9788185990279

Year of Publication :2010

Edition :Seventh Reprint

Publisher :

Voice of India, New Delhi

Binding :Softcover

Pages :234

Size :15 x 23 Cms.

Weight :1 Kg.

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