Hinduism: The Eternal Tradition (Sanatana Dharma)

by David Frawley

Publisher: Voice of India, New Delhi

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About the book

The present volume is a series of reflections, as well as questions and answers, on Sanatana Dharma, the universal tradition behind Hinduism and the yogic spirituality that derives from it. It is not about Hinduism as a religious belief as opposed to others (which exists more in the minds of non-Hindus than in the minds of those we would consider themselves to be Hindus). Yet it does recognize the value and importance of the Hindu tradition and its special corpus of knowledge. It is meant to present Hinduism in its true light, which is a spiritual art and science designed to connect us to our original nature as Pure Consciousness.

Details of the book

Book :Hinduism: The Eternal Tradition (Sanatana Dharma)

Book ID :14657

Author :

David Frawley

ISBN 13 :9788185990835

Year of Publication :2015

Edition :-

Publisher :

Voice of India, New Delhi

Binding :Softcover

Pages :273

Size :15 x 23 Cms.

Weight :1 Kg.

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