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Christianity in Indian Dance Forms

by Francis Peter Barboza

Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications

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About the book

The present book is the result of many years of painstaking Research in a field which has been neglected by Christians, art-historians and dancers. The Author's definitive work on the origin, growth and development of the Dance Forms of the Christians in India, the place of Dance in the Christian scriptures and in the life of the Church has proved the inherent Relationship between Dance and Christianity. This is of special importance in the Indian Context where Dance plays a major role in understanding and experiencing man, Religion and God. The chapter on the author's innovations in the traditional dance form of Bharata Natyam, in which he is an exponent, had evinced enthusiastic response both from the Pundits of Dance and the Public. Commenting on his scientific, innovative work the `Hindu' publication says, "He have Hindu audiences wonderful Christian themes while to the Christians he gave a taste of chaste Bharata Natyam. The entire recital was indeed a lovely experience, polarizing the two Religions into a single fusion depicting that God is one" (Hindu, Hyderabad August 2nd 1985). It is perhaps the first successful attempt to experience and understand Christianity in a Classical dance form of India (Bharata Natyam) where the content and form is truely Christian and Indian. Undoubtedly this book is a trail-blazer in the field of Classical dance and Christianity in India. Contents: Foreword Diacritical Marks I. INTRODUCTION II. Dance IN CHRISTIANITY III. DANCE IN THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH IV. DANCE FORMS OF THE Christians IN KERALA 1. Margamkali 2. Parisumuttukali : i. Parisumuttukali of the Syrian Christians ii. Parisumuttukali of the Latin Christians iii. Parisumuttukali of the Orthodox Jacobite Syrian Christians c. Cavittunatakam V. DANCE FORMS OF THE CHRISTIANS IN Goa : 1. Passo 2. Khel 3. Carnival 4. Mell 5. Kunbi Dance 6. Dhalo 7. Mando 8. Dekhni 9. Jagar 10. Mussal Khel VI. OTHER DANCE FORMS OF THE CHRISTIANS IN THE SOUTH 1. Paska 2. Pashavom 3. Gumta Nach 4. Bethlehem Kuravanji 5. Kunkunammal Natakam 6. Kummiattam 7. Munrurajakuthu VII. Christian THEMES IN OTHER DANCE FORMS OF INDIA 1. Biblical Theme in Yakshagana 2. Burrakatha of Andhra Pradesh 3. Christian Themes in Kathakali 4. Christian Themes in the North Indian Adivasi Dances 5. Christian Themes in the Condo-Nato VIII. OTHER RECENT ATTEMPTS AND TRENDS IX. EXPERIENCING Christianity IN AND THROUGH BHARATYA NATAM X. CONCLUSION 1. TABLE I : Locations of Christian Dance Forms in India

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Christianity in Indian Dance Forms
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Francis Peter Barboza
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Sri Satguru Publications
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22 x 29 cm
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1 kg
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b/w illustrations

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