by Sir Walter Scott

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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About the book

This is an exciting story of the adventures of knights and their followers in England ruled by King Richard, the Lion Heart. It is a dangerous time for the country because the noble king is away fighting enemies in a foreign land; while at home, his greedy dissatisfied brother is plotting to grab the throne. There are those who have no morals and are quick to change loyalties, tempted by power and money. But there are also those who will die for a cause, for their King and their country. Such a loyal subject is Ivanhoe who struggles to fight for the truth, and faces the worst enemies in a life devoted to his King.

Details of the book

Book :Ivanhoe

Book ID :42758

Author :

Sir Walter Scott

ISBN 13 :9788179920091

Year of Publication :2008

Edition :-

Publisher :

Jaico Publishing House

Binding :Hardcover

Pages :274

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Weight :1 Kg.

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