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Philosophy of Life and Death

by M.V. Kamath

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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Is there something in man apart from body? A soul? What is the nature of the soul? Whence did it come and where would it go and what would become of it when man dies? Mysterious is man's passing away. Death holds terror to many. Death itself may not be frightening as what may come thereafter. It is true that the mystery of life here and hereafter is revealed to a fortunate few. The great sages of the ancient lore knew that this birth is but one bend of the eternal stream of life. The stream of life rushes through many avenues. Coming out of one avenue is called death and going through another avenue is called birth. The separation of the conscious mind from the unconscious mind is called death. It is not a complete annihilation. Death is a habit of the body and not of the soul. Death is not painful; the fear of death is painful. Death is but a momentary disappearance which is revived again in another form. It is merely a game of hide and seek which can never mystify the wise one who know how to look to himself and beyond. The three Sanskrit worlds, janma, sristhi and udpatti explain the mystery of birth and death. Birth and death are like two commas in the sentence of life. To understand this is to comprehend the entire cycle of human evolution by understanding the twin laws of life called karma and reincarnation. Desire is the motivation for our rebirth. Human beings leave their mental bodies with many desires in the subconscious mind and those desires motivate them to come to this platform again and again. The rounds of births and deaths depend on the human motivations called desires. The lives and deaths of some fifty-five distinguished men and women from history tells us what we ought to know or intuite that those who are well integrated are bravely, calmly at peace with themselves. Among them are Henry David Thoreau, Socrates, Madame Curie, W.B. Yeats, Queen Elizabeth I, Swami Vivekananda, Beethoven and Anne Boleyn. Mr. M.V. Kamath, a prominent U.N. journalist, philosopher and author beautifully expresses himself and describes various ways and methods adopted by the great religious groups of the world. He gives a glimpse of the philosophy of the ancient and the present. This book will be useful, informative and enlightening to students to understand the true ends of the lifeline called birth & death. In this book, the author presents a clear highly informative study on the experiences of life and Death, Thoughts and reflection of 55 famous men and women during their experience of dying.

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Book :
Philosophy of Life and Death
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Author :
M.V. Kamath
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Edition :
Eighth Impression
Publisher :
Jaico Publishing House
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14 x 22 cm
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0.394 kg

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