Vedanta: Voice of Freedom

by Christopher Isherwood,Huston Smith,Swami Chetanananda,Swami Vivekanand

Publisher: Advaita Ashrama

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About the book

Once Swami Vivekananda had made a prophetic statement when he said: 'I have a message to the West as Buddha had a message to the East'. What was his message? It was Vedanta. And by compiling this selection from the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda the compiler has performed a most valuable task in keeping before the readers that grand message. A wonderful book presenting the subject in a way that is sure to keep the lovers of Vedanta glued to the pages till last. Moreover, nothing need be mentioned about the electrifying words of the great Swami which has been resounding that voice of freedom ever since they were first uttered.

Details of the book

Book :Vedanta: Voice of Freedom

Book ID :6492

Author :

Christopher Isherwood,Huston Smith,Swami Chetanananda,Swami Vivekanand

ISBN 13 :9788185301235

Year of Publication :0000

Edition :-

Publisher :

Advaita Ashrama

Binding :Softcover

Pages :328

Size :14 x 22 Cms.

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Few b/w illustrations.