Let Us Learn Meditation

by Arvind Narayan

Publisher: Ocean Paperbacks

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About the book

This book written in a simple, straightforward and easy manner will help you master the art of meditation. Here, you can experience the meaning of these words yourself. Not only that, but once we unlock the door, we allow many different masters from different cultures and religions to tell you their methods of meditation. Amongst them are: Patanjali, Lord Buddha, Mahavira, Hui Neng, Bankei, Huang Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Lao Tsu and many more. Provided in this book are the tools that will benefit readers for a lifetime. Readers will find themselves practicing these techniques again and again to successfully reach their dreams and aspirations.

Details of the book

Book :Let Us Learn Meditation

Book ID :6992

Author :

Arvind Narayan

ISBN 13 :9788184300451

Year of Publication :2007

Edition :First

Publisher :

Ocean Paperbacks

Binding :Paperback

Pages :182

Size :14 X 21 Cms.

Weight :0.21 Kg.

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