The Dialectical Biologist

by Richard Levins,Richard Lewontin

Publisher: Aakar Books

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About the book

“The book successfully achieves the authors’ goal of demonstrating by example the power and nature of the dialectical method. Its usefulness, however, extends well beyond this. The articles are intellectually challenging in content as well as method. And by collecting in one place articles on evolution, scientific analysis and the social dimensions of science —the book’s three major divisions — the authors have provided a valuable tool for exploring the complexity and richness of biology . . . 'The Dialectical Biologist' is certain to be controversial . . . This book is a rich source of understanding, and it will undoubtedly stimulate important discussion.”

Details of the book

Book :The Dialectical Biologist

Book ID :75966

Author :

Richard Levins,Richard Lewontin

ISBN 13 :9788189833770

Year of Publication :2009

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Publisher :

Aakar Books

Binding :Softcover

Pages :303

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Weight :1 Kg.

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