Postmodernism or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

by Frederic Jameson

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"Frederic Jameson is America's leading Marxist critic, a prodigiously energetic thinker whose writing sweep magisterially form sophocles to science fiction. . . . postmodernism is an intellectual blockbuster...a timely riposte to fashionable leftist pessism as much as it is an intellectual feast." - Terry Eagleton, The Irish Times "For anybody hoping to understand not just the cultural but the political ad social implications of postmodernism. . . Jameson's book is a fundamental, nonpareil text." - Gilbert Adair, Sunday Times (London) "The scope and profundity of Postmodernism, covering theory, architecture, film, video, and economics, is truly staggering. . . . Brilliant . . . " - Ziauddin Sardar, The Independent (London) "No one theorist illustrates the recent history of postmodernism's history so well as Frederic Jameson." - Michael Bérubé, Voice Literary Supplement "An encyclopedic grasp of modern culture." - Stuart Hall, Marxism Tody "A classic of late 20th-century Euroamerican critical thought." - Ned Lukacher, Choice

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Book :Postmodernism or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

Book ID :76022

Author :

Frederic Jameson

ISBN 13 :9788190340328

Year of Publication :2006

Edition :-

Publisher :

Aakar Books

Binding :Softcover

Pages :438

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