1000 Names of Vishnu

by Eknath Easwaran

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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About the book

Most of the world's major religions celebrate the Holy Names of God. Christans have commentaries like St. Bernard's Jewish mystics made the Divine Names the focus of meditation. Muslims have the "Most Excellent Names." Holy, Merciful, Compassionate, Truth, the One-such names appear in all religions, emphasizing that however we worship, the Lord is one and the same. In India, one of the most popular of these litanies is the Thousand Names of Vishnu, Vishnu is God the Preserver, the sustainer of life , worshipped by millions in his incarnations as Rama and Krishna. "Om ! I worship Lord Vishnu, who has become the universe and pervades all. Lord of past, present, and future. He is being and the essence of all beings; he is the pure and supreme Self in all. His face is everywhere.... In a thousand ways, the Thousand Names reiterates a single message : the Lord is everything, everywhere. His names evoke the qualities that elevate our lives: forgiveness, beauty, tenderness, compassion, love. Eknath Easwaran comments on a fraction of the Thousand Names and what each one.means in daily living. This is a book for daily inspiration, full of personal reminders of what it means to see God in the faces and events of everyday life. Contents:- 1. Introduction 2. He Who Is Everything 3. He Who Is Everywhere 4. Maker of All Beings 5. The Support of All Creatures 6. The Supreme Self 7. The Self in Every Creature 8. The One 9. The Many 10. Maker of All Things 11. The Essence of All Beings 12. The Eternal Law 13. Lord of Past, Present & Future 14. The Immeasurable 15. Peace 16. Giver of Peace 17. The Eternal 18. Happy 19. The Unitive State 20. Spirit 21. The Supreme Self 22. He Who Has Beautiful Hair 23. The Thief 24. Patience 25. Lover of His Devotees 26. Who Makes Love Increase 27. The Destroyer 28. He Who Is Invoked in the Act of Sacrifice 29. Abundant 30. Water Lily 31. Jasmine 32. He Who Wears Garlands of Forest Flowers 33. The Uplifter 34. All-knowing 35. He Who Never Sleeps 36. Whose Face Is Everywhere 37. Rosy-eyed 38. The Supreme Blessing 39. The Self in All 40. That 41. Who Has No Form 42. The Immortal Craftsman 43. Free from Sorrow 44. He Who Nips Wrong Actions in the Bud 45. The Purifier 46. The Energy of Life 47. Beyond Thought 48. Who Has All the Weapons of Battle 49. Protector 50. Who Enjoys the Nectar of Immortality 51. Beauty 52. Ornament 53. Destroyer of Sorrow 54. The Poet 55. Holder of the Wheel of the Cosmos 56. Wielder of the Mace 57. Who Carries a Conch Horn 58. Bearer of the Lotus 59. Maker & Destroyer of Fear 60. Answerer of Prayers 61. Giver of Wealth 62. Punishment 63. Lord of War 64. The Seven-Tongued 65. To Whom Are Offered Seven Kinds of Fuel 66. Wielder of the Bow of Horn 67. Will 68. Beautiful 69. The Cowherd Boy 70. Stealer of Hearts 71. Charioteer 72. Sustainer of Life 73. The Lotus Navel 74. Lotus-eyed 75. Big-eyed 76. The Witness 77. All-Seeing 78. Bringer of Tears 79. Full 80. Who Carries Us Across 81. The Grandfather 82. Sacrifice 83. The Auspicious 84. Destroyer of Evil 85. The Unconquered 86. Who Brings Sacrifice to Fruition 87. Good Works 88. The Place of Sacrifice 89. Freedom from Self-will 90. Whose Thread is Good 91. Who Keeps Expanding His Web 92. Destroyer of Sin 93. Immortal 94. Free from Craving 95. The Supreme Magician 96. Whose Work Is Complete 97. Livable 98. Whose Mind Is Full of Wealth 99. He Who Attracts 100. Truth 101. Approachable 102. The Shining One 103. Full of Glory 104. Destroyer of Good Fortune 105. Bringer of Joy 106. Child of the Infinite 107. Good Fortune 108. Enduring 109. Who Brings Good from Suffering 110. Whose Thoughts Are True 111. Reality 112. Unreality 113. The Supreme Path 114. Joy 115. Bearer of the Bow 116. Self-control 117. Whom We Desire 118. King of Death 119. Freedom 120. Kindness 121. Invincible 122. Resolute 123. Irresolute 124. The Lawgiver 125. The Tree of Life 126. All 127. Destroyer of Evil 128. The Inexhaustible Treasure 129. Being 130. The Highway of the Free 131. Support 132. Lord of the World 133. The Son of Man 134. The Supreme Godhead 135. The Manifestation of Brahman 136. Maker of Reality 137. The Creator 138. Who Makes Reality Increase 139. Wisdom 140. Knower of Reality 141. Desire 142. Destroyer of Selfish Craving 143. Spiritual Teacher 144. The Holy Name

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Book :1000 Names of Vishnu

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Eknath Easwaran

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Jaico Publishing House

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