Our Favourite Indian Stories

by Khushwant Singh,Neelam Kumar

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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About the book

An exclusive collection of 40 outstanding stories from 17 regions of India translated and made accessible to English-speaking readers. Soaked in the flavours and colours of its region, each story smacks of its unique culture. This anthology traverses through states as far-flung as Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, mapping out our multi-lingual, multi-cultural land and celebrating its fascinating diversity. This anthology is a virtual canvas of human emotions. Its pages throb with everything primal to human nature: fear, angst, joy, love, lust and longing. A must read for those who wish to understand India better. Contents:- Foreword/Kamala Suraiya The Story behind the Stories/Neelam Kumar I. HINDI : 1. The Resignation/Premchand 2. Enlightenment/Yashpal 3. Under Cover of Darkness/Nirmal Verma 4. Like A Pigeon/Rajendra Awasthi 5. Breaking Point/Usha Mahajan II. BENGALI : 6. Cabulliwallah/Rabindranath Tagore 7. Draupadi/Mahasweta Devi III. URDU : 8. Exchange of Lunatics/Saadat Hasan Manto 9. Housewife/Ismat Chugtai IV. PUNJABI : 10. Happy New Year/Ajeet Cour 11. Death of Shaikh Burhanuddin/Khwaja Ahmed Abbas V. ORIYA : 12. The Bed of Arrows/Gopinath Mohanty 13. Death of an Indian/Kishori Charan Das VI. GUJARATI : 14. Wings of A Silent Wish/Dinkar Joshi 15. Red Glow of the New Moon/Kundanika Kapadia VII. RAJASTHANI : 16. Cannibal/Vijai Dan Detha VIII. SINDHI : 17. The Statement/Gobind Panjabi 18. The Claim/Narain Bharati IX. MARATHI : 19. The Wan Moon/Gangadhar Gadgil 20. The Debt/Gauri Deshpande X. ASSAMESE : 21. The Vulture/Manoj Kumar Goswami XI. KASHMIRI : 22. The Bride's Pyjamas/Akhtar Mohi-ud-Din 23. The Enemy/A.G. Athar XII. MALAYALAM : 24. The Flight/Kamala Das 25. The Flood/Thakazhi Sivasankaran Pillai XIII. KANNADA : 26. Kwate (The Fort)/Chaduranga 27. Amasa/Devanoor Mahadev XIV. TELUGU : 28. On the Boat/P. Padmaraju 29. Cloud Stealing/Malati Chandur XV. TAMIL : 30. The Journey/Indira Parthasarathy 31. Brahma-Vriksha/Prapanchan XVI. DOGRI : 32. The Farm/Chaman Arora 33. The Dislodged Brick/Om Goswami XVII. KONKANI : 34. Hippie Girl/Chandrakant Keni 35. A Cup of Hot Coffee/Edwin J.F. D'souza XVIII. ENGLISH : 36. The Portrait of A Lady/Khushwant Singh 37. Birth/Mulk Raj Anand 38. Cows and Love/Atul Chandra 39. Road to Tikratoli/Shoy Lall 40. A New Tomorrow/Neelam Kumar

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Book :Our Favourite Indian Stories

Book ID :8626

Author :

Khushwant Singh,Neelam Kumar

ISBN 13 :9788172249786

Year of Publication :2009

Edition :First

Publisher :

Jaico Publishing House

Binding :Paperback

Pages :460

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