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The Chinese Revolution of 1911: It Causes and Origins

by K.T.S. Sarao

Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers

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The Revolution of 1911 was a major landmark in the History of China. This book studies various aspects of this very event. What were the factors that created the circumstances for the end of the ch'ing rule and the establishment of republican system in China, are dealt with, in great length. The events leading to the final outburst and the evaluation of the Revolution also form an integral part of this book. CONTENTS: Preface; Chap. I : BACKGROUND : 1. Impact of the Dynastic Cycle 2. The Impact of West and Japan 3. Regionalism 4. Economic Decay and Social Unrest 5. Role of the Bourgeoisie 6. Deterioration of the Banner Troops and the Infilteration of Revolutionary Ideas into the New Army 7. The Role of Nationalism Chap. II : ORIGINS AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT : 1. Emergence of Sun Yat-sen and His Activities 2. Hsing-Chung-Hui 3. Secret Societies 4. Early Reforms and the Revolutionaries 5. The Revolutionaries and the Students 6. Other Revolutionary Organisations 7. People's Three Principles and the Establishment of T'ung-Meng-Hui 8. Role of the Army 9. Overseas Chinese 10. Some Anti-Manchu Revolts Preceding the Revolution 11. Troubles of the Revolutionaries 12. Deepening of the Crisis of Manchu Measures Chap. III : PRELUDE TO THE REVOLUTION : 1. The Canton Revolt of April 27, 1911 2. The Railway Crisis 3. The Crisis in Wuhan 4. Significance of Hupei Province Chap. IV : THE REVOLUTION : 1911-12 : 1. The "Double Ten" Uprising 2. Problems of Leadership and Suspicion 3. Manchu Difficulties and the Rise of Yuan Shi-K'ai 4. The Battle for Wuhan and Revolutionary Politics 5. Revolts in Hunan, Shensi, Shansi and Kwangtung 6. Hunan vs Hupei 7. Organisation of a Central Authority 8. Cease-Fire Organisations and Peace Talks 9. Formation of the Provisional Republican Govt. 10. "Brutus Assumes the Purple" Chap. V : EVALUATION OF THE REVOLUTION

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The Chinese Revolution of 1911: It Causes and Origins
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K.T.S. Sarao
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Eastern Book Linkers
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