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A Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

by Dr. Ashwani Bhardwaj

Publisher: Goodwill Publishing House

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About the book

Reproduction of the species is one of the marvels of Nature; it is essential survival of all higher forms of life. The mere mention of the word “motherhood" creates an atmosphere of reverence. Men, consciously and subconsciously, read with all the male instincts of preservation and protection when in its presence. A woman with child, or with her child, is beyond the law of conflict. Injury to mothers and their young is the basest form of cruelty. Tenderness is an emotion primarily designed by Nature to protect the defenseless; it is an emotion only experienced by men when in the presence of women. Woman herself, however, is involved in a more complicated series of reactions. She knows that physically, physiologically and psychologically she is adapted primarily perfection of womanhood, which is, according to the law of Nature, reproduction. All that is most beautiful in her life is associated with the emotions leading upto this ultimate function. Are there any comparable joys• in the life of average woman to the ever-increasing intensity of pleasurable feelings that are experienced during the successive phases of mating! We speak of it as being "in love”; "betrothal"; marriage; early married life; and finally, motherhood. The woman associates all that is beautiful in her life with this series of events. Of course, career has also started playing a significant part in this series. This book 'A COMPLETE GUIDE TO PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH' is a serious enlighten parents and parents-to-be and helping them to find answers to their frequent doubts and problems regarding pregnancy and childbirth in an easy to understand language with appropriate pictures, We have tried our best valuable and thorough knowledge about the steps to be taken before and during pregnancy and at childbirth for a healthy, normal baby. It, indeed, is an exciting and happy journey of discovery from conception to childbirth. You will surely enjoy it. Our second volume "A COMPLETE GUIDE TO BABY AND CHILD CARE" will enrich your joy in rearing your children and giving them "best" quality care. This is just a guide. Please be in regular and close touch with your doctor, whose words should be final.

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Book :
A Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Author :
Dr. Ashwani Bhardwaj
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Publisher :
Goodwill Publishing House
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1 kg

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