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7 Steps to a Super Job

by Prem P. Bhalla

Publisher: Goodwill Publishing House

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Everyone is not fortunate to be self-employed. Since work is a source of livelihood, the only option is to search for an ideal employer and a good job. Besides reasonable money, it is necessary that the job must provide satisfaction of accomplishing something useful and also provide opportunities for personal growth and an acceptance in the society. Almost one third of adult life is spent at the workplace. It must fulfill personal hopes and aspirations. Two out of every five persons are not happy with what they are doing. What is worse is that because of personal constraints they are unable to change over to something more satisfying. This results in mediocrity in almost every field of work. Had these people thought of some obvious things when they set out in a career, they would have put their talents and skills to better use and also found greater happiness. The job market, like everything else, is also changing rapidly. People are moving from one country to another, many activities are now being outsourced in the interests of great efficiency and profitability. ?Jobs and services are being offered on the Internet. A greater value is being placed on individual skills and abilities. At the same time, there is greater competition for jobs and young people are striving harder to prepare for them through better training and knowledge. 7 Steps to A Super Job takes you step by step into the intricacies of preparing yourself for a career and a job. The book will help you seek the best employer and an ideal job. It also guides you how to apply for a job, prepare an attractive curriculum vitae and be prepared for the interview. It shows you how to develop the skills and abilities that lead to success in a job. When one gives of one's best performance and understands how to work in harmony with the workplace environment, it is not long before it becomes a super job. One learns to find happiness and success in one's job.

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7 Steps to a Super Job
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Prem P. Bhalla
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Goodwill Publishing House
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1 kg

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