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Siddhasiddhantapaddhatih: A Treatise on the Natha Philosophy


Publisher: The Lonavla Yoga Institute

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For a student of yoga, hatha-yoga provides the practical ground. The tradition of hatha-yoga is a valuable gift given by the Natha tradition to the world. The cult is deeply rooted in its own philosophical doctrine. Gorakshanatha was one of the most prominent of the Natha siddhas who authored Siddhasiddhantapaddhatih. The text chiefly deals with the philosophical doctrines of the Natha tradition in a very systematic manner. The book explains the different layers of the phenomenal creation and the yogic understanding of the human body. It narrates interrelation of microcosm and macrocosm, the substratum of the body and the method of union of microcosm and macrocosm. It further outlines the characteristics of an avadhuta yogi. Special feature of this book lies with its emphatic statement regarding the futility of all the yogic techniques if undertaken in a mechanical manner.

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Siddhasiddhantapaddhatih: A Treatise on the Natha Philosophy
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The Lonavla Yoga Institute
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