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4000 Quizes

by Pustak Mahal-Editorial Group

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

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How come he has got more marks than me when I am more intelligent than him? It is a common sentiment expressed by many students from time to time. The answer to this is simple. Taking an exam is an art and only he who approaches the task in a more systematic and scientific manner comes out a winner. One common aspect of the exam-taking strategy is revision. The ability to answer random questions about your subject can clearly demonstrate the extent of your preparation. Now this book makes revision easier and convenient for all science students. Written by leading experts in the field, it helps students with quick revisions in one-line questions with one-word answers. Some Examples: *Which of these Vitamins is soluble in water? A B C D E *Which is the odd man out? Gunpowder, Petrol, Phosphorous, Water, Paraffin, Alcohol *What is the missing word? Hailstorms are frozen .............. *What name is given to the molten rocks that are erupted by volcanoes? The book is also useful for quiz-buffs and those who have an abiding interest in science. Covering every aspect of general science, physics, chemistry and biology, it works as a ready reckoner for every student of science.

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4000 Quizes
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Pustak Mahal-Editorial Group
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Pustak Mahal
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