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Retrieving Samkhya History: An Ascent from Dawn to Meridian

by Lallanji Gopal

Publisher: D. K. Printworld (P) Ltd

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About the book

Samkhya is the oldest among Indian philosophies. Rather, it had for long been synonymous with philosophy itself. Over the centuries, it has influenced all other Indian schools: orthodox and unorthodox. The book reconstructs anew the pre-Isvarakrsna history of Samkhya. And also, for the first time, evolves a chronological sequences of all its landmark works and their authors. Meticulously tracing the historical development of Samkhya thought: from its genesis with the legendary Kapila to its standardised formulations in Samkhya-karika, Professor Gopal shows how Samkhya has never been a monolithic system, nor has its growth been unilinear; how it has had an interesting history of changes, vital shifts, introduction of new details, debates, and even polemics; and, finally, how Isvarakrsna's work is the 'culmination' of classical Samkhya, and not its 'beginning' - as most modern scholars have come to believe. Authenticated by an astonishing mass of literary sources, the book is bound to fascinate scholars and discerning readers alike.

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Book :
Retrieving Samkhya History: An Ascent from Dawn to Meridian
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Author :
Lallanji Gopal
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Publisher :
D. K. Printworld (P) Ltd
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15 X 23 cm
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0.77 kg

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