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Encyclopaedia of Religious Rites and Ceremonies of All Nations, 3 Vols

by Bernard Picart,C. Mackenizie Esq

Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan

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About the book

This encyclopaedia in 3 Volumes is an invaluable compilation of religious rites and ceremonies of all nations from different reliable sources, is of rare value. It describes in detail the old and ancient customs, usages and religious practices of the various people of the globe, such as the Jews, the Greeks, the Cophtics, the Abys-sinians, the Armenians, the Manorites (who are supposed to have migrated from Antioch to Rome with a legate of Pope Honorius), the Nasseries (who constitute a Mahometan sect), the Russians (the conversions of the Russians to Christian faith), the Roman Catholics (who exercised great influence over different parts of the world and who are said to hold the fundamental tenets of Christian religion), the Mahometans widely known as Mohammedans (who are the followers of Prophet Mohammad), the Chinese, the Japanese, the Coreans, the Tartars (who are scattered all over the northern and eastern parts of Asia), the Persians, the Indians (who are divided into four castes i.e. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishayas and Sudras), the Mexicans, the Peruvians, the Missisippians, the Africans, the Siamese (now known as Thailanders), the Phillippineans, the Laplanders, etc. The volume also contains discussion on the Church of England, on the Anabaptists, the Presbyterians, the autherians, the Bohemians, and some modern mystical sects. Picart who has gathered such invaluable informations with his wide or encyclopaedic learning* has given in one single volume a thorough survey of the religious practice, peculiar to the religious sects all over the world. The author has broadly described the origin and the developments of the world's religion in their various manifestations. This invaluable book has brought together at on place in three volumes the history of all the known religious sects, which helps a scholar or an inquisitive reader who have to form a comparative study of these religious practices with special reference to their common features and differences. Though the book was published in 1826, it has still the validity as the religious customs and usages of different sects are more or less the same even today and the utility of this book can be hardly overexaggerated. A student of religion or social history will find the book as a constant guide and inspiration.

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Book :
Encyclopaedia of Religious Rites and Ceremonies of All Nations, 3 Vols
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Author :
Bernard Picart,C. Mackenizie Esq
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Sundeep Prakashan
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1 kg
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