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Archaeology of Fatehpur Sikri: New Discoveries

by D.V. Sharma

Publisher: Aryan Books International

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About the book

The Archaeology of Fatehpur Sikri - New Discoveries is a fundamentral research work on medieval archaeology. It contains results of excavations at Birchhabili-Tila and exploration of the region within a radius of 25 km. Besides this, chronological study of the monuments have been made phase-wise along with inscriptions and mason marks. The site of Ibadat-Khanah which Akbar founded for religious and philosophical discussions has been identified with fair amount of certainty. The Agni-Kunda of so-called Jodha Bai's Palace, Hiran-Minar, and other monuments have been discussed with new interpretations according to contemporary historical records. This strikingly illustrated volume is the result of first hand research work and deals with many aspects afresh right from prehistory to the present time. Illuminating, in places provocative, this book should instigate further discussion and debate about one of the most dynamic and exciting periods in medieval Indian history. Written lucidly and yet with strong supportive historical evidence, the book is valuable for a general interest reader as well as a historian/archaeologist Table of Content Preface List of Abbreviations List of Illustrations 1. INTRODUCTION Terrain and Water-System of Fatehpur Sikri: Pre- and Proto-History of Sikri Area (A) Terrain and Physical Features (B) Water-System (C) Mahabharata References of Saraswati (D) Pre- and Proto-History of Sikri Area (1) Pre-Historical Period (circa 5000 BC) (2) Discovery of a Sandstone Neolithic Celt from Birchhabili-Tila Excavation (circa 2000 BC) (3) Proto-Historical Period (circa 2000 to 800 BC) 2. Archaeological Survey and Surface Exploration of the Sikri Area (A) Chichana, Tehsil Rupvas, District Bharatpur (B) Chaumuhan or Chauma-Shahpur, Tehsil Kiraoli, District Agra (C) Imlaoda, Tehsil Kiraoli, District Agra (D) Churyari, Tehsil, Kiraoli, District Agra (E) Rasulpur, Tehsil Kiraoli, District Agra (F) Jainpura, Tehsil Kiraoli, District Agra (G) Kiraoli, District Agra (H) Jautana, Tehsil Kiraoli, District Agra (I) Dura, Tehsil Kiraoli, District Agra (J) Kagarol, Tehsil Khairagarh, District Agra (K) Sikri (Nagar), District Agra 3. Excavation at Birchhabili-Tila at Sikri (A) Prelude: Scrutiny and Analysis of Previous Excavations (B) Excavation (1999-2000) and Findings I. Period-I (circa 6th century ad to 9th century AD) (1) Pottery (2) Antiquities II. Period-II (circa 9th century ad to 11th century AD) (1) Pottery (2) Antiquities (3) Temple Remains (4) Sculptures and Inscriptions III. Period-III (circa 12th century ad to 16th century AD) (1) Pottery (2) Antiquities IV. Period-IV (circa 16th century ad 18th century AD) (1) Pottery (2) Antiquities 4. Jaina Tirthankara Sculptures and Inscriptions (A) Sculptures I. Standing (Kayotsarga) Tirthankaras II. Seated (Padmasana) Tirthankaras III. Broken Heads IV. Parikara Fragments V. Yaksinis VI. Miscellaneous Other Fragments (B) Inscriptions Appendix-A 66 Appendix-B Appendix-C 68 Appendix-D 69 5. Jaina Srutidevi Saraswati (dated 1010 AD) (A) Discovery and Restoration (B) Description (C) Classical Enumeration (D) Inscription and Historical Analysis 6. Medieval Sikri (circa 10th-16th century AD) (A) Relics of the Rajput Age (1) Unidentified Gate (2) So-called Sikarwar Fort (3) Mysterious Totemic Slab (B) Remains of the Sultanate Period (C) Babur at Sikr (D) Akbar's Township and Dams on the Lake 7. Archaeological Study of Akbar's Fatehpur Sikri (A) Complexes and Structures: Chronological Stratification of Buildings (B) Stone Ceilings (C) Masons' Marks and Short Nagari Inscriptions (D) Agni-Kunda of the Raniwas (so-called Jodhabai's Palace) (E) Elephant-Hooks (Khunte) (F) Hiran-Minar Water-System (Pya-u) (G) Stables 8. Archaeology of the Anup-Talao (circa 1576 AD) 9. Archaeology of Akbar's Ibadat-Khanah (1576-82) (A) The Institution of the Ibadat-Khanah (B) Situation of the Ibadat-Khanah (C) Composition of the Ibadat-Khanah (D) Archaeological Study of the Remains of the Ibadat-Khanah 115 (E) Archaeological Analysis of Recent Claims of its Identification 10. Akbar's Ganga-Sagar 11. Retrospect and Conclusions of the Study Annexure Bibliography Index

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Archaeology of Fatehpur Sikri: New Discoveries
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Author :
D.V. Sharma
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Aryan Books International
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22 x 28 cm
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1 kg
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81 colour & 390 b/w illustrations and 52 figures & maps

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