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C++ Pocket Book Newnes (Second Edition)

by Conor Sexton

Publisher: CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

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About the book

This is the second edition of The C+ + Pocket Book, first published in 1993. and reprinted in 1995. To the author's knowledge, no book is yet availoble that addresses as a whole the C+ + language as defined by the ANSI Draft Standard. This second edition is on attempt to fit in a slim volume the essential facilities of ANSI C++. This book presents the essential subset of the ANSI Draft Standard C++ language and environment. Every facility of the language is addressed, while the component ports of the new C++ Library are summarised. New language facilities, for example runtime type identification (RTTI) and namespaces, are included. The coverage of templates and exception handling is updated, as is that of many other aspects of the language. There is on improved exposition of such topics as member wise initialization and assignment; multiple inheritance and virtual base classes; and the internal implementation of virtual functions. Chapter 1 reviews the essentials of C while Chapter 2 conducts the reader on a tour of the main facilities provided by C++. ~ should be possible for a reader with no prior experience of either C or C++ to adopt this book as a single reference. Chapter 3 explains the C++ class and its special cases, structures, unions and bit fields. Chapter 4 goes into constructors and destructors, demonstrating many of the ways in which they con be used with classes. Iv\ore complex class implementations are shown using String and List classes. Chapter 5 treats function and operator overloading. The String class implementation introduced in Chapter 4 is extended to demonstrate these C++ features by example. Chapter f:, covers class inheritance, including multiple inheritance, with revised treatment of virtual base classes and the implementation of virtual functions. Chapter 7 is largely new to the Second Edition. ~ describes the major extensions to the original definition of C++ that hove been accepted for inclusion in the ANSI Standard. These are 1emplotes, exception handling, namespaces and runtime type identification. Chapter 8 explains the contents of the Stream I/O component of the C++ library. Appendix A summarises the non-class syntax differences be1ween C+ + and C. This book is intended to be a useful general reference and guide to the ANSI Draft Standard C++ language. ~ audience extends from novice programmers with no knowledge of C or C++ to experienced developers

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C++ Pocket Book Newnes (Second Edition)
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Conor Sexton
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CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
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1 kg

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