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Broadcast Technology: A Review

by H.O. Srivastava

Publisher: Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.

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About the book

Even people without Engineering background need to have a General understanding of Broadcast engineering issues. This is true for broadcast managers, programmers, producers, Financial analysts and engineering trainees who want to develop a Knowledge base of broadcast engineering practices. This book is written for all of these people, apart from the students of communication and broadcasting engineering. The book starts with a exceedingly informative and entertaining History of broadcast media and its development during last one hundred years. It traces the events, people, programs and Companies that shaped broadcasting from the earliest airwaves, through the Golden ages of Radio and Television to the present and the speculative future. This enormous treasury of sparkling memories and candid photographs presents a fascinating history of the medium that changed the world, recreating Radio's and Television's early history. The book slowly builds up the various aspects of all broadcast facilities, including practical engineering information needed by broadcast engineers in dealing with broadcast equipment, antenna systems feeder systems and related apparatus, along with production techniques in an easily understandable, non-technical fashion. Finally, the book presents a roadmap of India Broadcasting during the last 78 years. Breaking into broadcasting is your remote control to one of today's hottest industries. With the liberalization of broadcasting in India and other developing Countries and the airwaves having been declared the free Property of citizen, the broadcasting is the multibillion growing industries. The information contained in this book will Help you enhance your understanding of broadcast engineering and ability to perform the broadcast-related functions of your job. Contents: Preface 1. History of Broadcasting 2. Broadcast Basics 3. Recording and Studio Techniques 4. Production Techniques 5. Transmission Techniques 6. Receiving System 7. Measurements, Charts and Test Signals 8. Broadcasting in India

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Book :
Broadcast Technology: A Review
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H.O. Srivastava
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Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.
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1 kg

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