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Sikh Shrines in Pakistan

by Khan Mohammed Waliullah Khan

Publisher: Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd

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About the book

Rootsbook is not merely meant to present a Study of the architectural genius of the followers of Sikhism which as its Roots in the areas comprising West Pakistan. The Author traverses a long distance in between Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism and Guru Govind Singh, the last Guru of Sikh community. The author clarifies to the complete satisfaction of the reader how Sikhism like Buddhism, Jainism and other Religions which spring in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent became the Product of the reaction against the dominant Brahmanism and its rigid Caste system. The book draws a clear Picture of the Positive influence of Islam on Sikhism which had spread to Iraq, Turkistan, Persia and Afghanistan and came into contact with Christianity, Judaism Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and above all neo-Platonic Philosophy of the time of the inception of the Sikh religion. A minutely nattared description of Sikh community's friendly association with Mughal Empire and how it turned out to be a bitter Political Conflicts between the both makes the book more meaningful. Contents: Preface Introduction Chap. I : Sacred Shrines ASSOCIATED WITH THE GURUS : 1. Guru Nanak 2. Guru Angad 3. Guru Amar Das 4. Guru Ram Das 5. Guru Arjun Dev 6. Guru Har Gobind 7. Guru Har Rai 8. Guru Har Krishan 9. Guru Tegh Bahadur 10. Guru Gobind Singh Chap. : OTHER SHRINES : 11. Attock District 12. Bannu District 13. Dera Ismail Khan District 14. Gujranwala District 15. Gujrat District 16. Hazara District 17. Jhang District 18. Jhelum District 19. Kohat District 20. Lahore District 21. Lyallpur District 22. Mardan District 23. Montgomery District 24. Peshawar District 25. Rawalpindi District 26. Sargodha District 27. Sialkot District 28. Sukkur District 29. Tharparkar District

Details of the book

Book :
Sikh Shrines in Pakistan
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Author :
Khan Mohammed Waliullah Khan
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Year of Publication :
Publisher :
Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd
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Size :
23 x 29 cm
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1 kg
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