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Mind as Mirror and the Mirroring of Mind: Buddhist Reflections on Western Phenomenology

by Steven D. Laycock

Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications

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Contents: 1. An Incident at Wang-Mei Shan 2. Prelude in the Key of Emptiness : i. Frameworks ii. Mirroring and Representation iii. A Paradox of Phenomenological Optics iv. The Dialectic of Mirroring v. The Thesis of Phenomenal Undecidability vi. Com(mens)uration I. MIND AS MIRROR : 1. The Mirrorless Mirror : Reflections on Buddhist Dialectic : i. Analytic and Dialectic Phenomeno-Logic ii. Explanation iii. Absolute and Relative "Space" iv. Reflective Negativity v. Buddhist Dialectics vi. Distinguished Distinctions vii. Archaic Distinctions viii. Deconstructing the Mirror ix. The Mirror of Mind x. Reflections xi. Visible Invisibility xii. Instantiation and Manifestation xiii. Analytic Thought xiv. The Thing-in Itself xv. Bivalence and the Real 2. The Pathless Path: Reflections on Buddhist Meditative Practice : i. Tranquility and Insight ii. The Formal Absorptions iii. Toward a Critique of Pure Suffering iv. Discursive Thought v. The Formless Absorptions vi. The Hierarchy of Concretion vii. Infinite Divisibility viii. Dependent Co-origination ix. The Lotus and the Chiasm x. The Body and the Bodhi Tree II. THE MIRRORING OF MIND : 1. The Gateless Gate : Reflections on the Methodology of Reflection : i. Phenomenology and Its "Word" ii. Mirror as Metaphor iii. The "Madness" of Phenomenological Method iv. Presuppositionlessness v. The Modes of Reflection vi. Reflections on Reflection vii. The Eidetic Reduction viii. Hyper-Reflection ix. The Great Doubt x. The Transformative Phenomenology of Liberation 2. Mindless Minding : Reflections on Intentionality : i. The Mystery of Consciousness ii. The Rupture of Immanence iii. Reduction and the Immanence of Intentionality iv. The World-Horizon v. The Ego as Reflection vi. The Ego as Gestalt vii. Diary of a Moon Gazer

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Mind as Mirror and the Mirroring of Mind: Buddhist Reflections on Western Phenomenology
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Steven D. Laycock
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Sri Satguru Publications
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