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Advertising and the Mind of Consumer: What Works, What doesn’t, and Why (Revised Third International Edition)

by Max Sutherland

Publisher: Allen and Unwin/Viva Books

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About the book

Advertising is an established and ever-present force and yet just how it works continues to be something of a mystery. From an industry insider, this fully-updated guide unveils the secrets of leading a successful campaign over a wide range of media, including the web. Drawing on many well-known international ads as examples, it reveals the workings of the mind of the consumer and explains the reasons for the successes and failures of various advertising campaigns. More than just a how-to book of tricks, this is a look at the psychological and logistical factors that make advertisements work that is ideal for advertising agents, marketers, and students of advertising and consumer behavior. Contents: Part A: Why advertising has remained a mystery for so long • Introduction • Influencing People: myhts and mechanisms • Iamge and Reality: seeing things in different ways • Subliminal advertising: the biggest myth of all • Conformity: the popular thing to do • The advertising message: oblique and indirect • Silent symbol and badges of identity • Vicarious experience and virtual reality • Messages, reminders and rewards: how ads speak to us • What"s this I"m watching? The elements that make up an ad • The limits of advertising • Part B: What works, what doesn"t, and why • Introduction • Continuous tracking: are you being followed? • Net product launches: don"t pull the plug too early • Planning campaign strategy around consumers" mental filing cabinets • What happens when you stop advertising? • The effectiveness of funny ads: what a laugh! • Learning to use 15-second TV commercials • Seasonal advertising • Underweight advertising: execution anorexia • Why radio ads aren"t recalled • Maximising ad effectiveness: develop a unique and consistent style • Sequels • Corporate tracking of image and issues • The Web: advertising in a new age • "Mental reach": they see your ad but does it get through? • Measurement of advertising effects in memory • The buy-ology of mind • Conclusion • Appendix: How to prompt awareness.

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Book :
Advertising and the Mind of Consumer: What Works, What doesn’t, and Why (Revised Third International Edition)
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Max Sutherland
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Allen and Unwin/Viva Books
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1 kg

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