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Ovarian Cancer: Comprehensive and Contemporary Management

by Amita Maheshwari,K. Chitrathara,Shalini Rajaram

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical/Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

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About the book

The latest clinical guidelines for treating ovarian cancer Written by a stellar team of international experts, this full-color text provides the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines for patients with ovarian cancer. Features: A galaxy of internationally recognized experts provide you with practical and detailed guidance on all of the challenges that are encountered in treating patients in gynecologic oncology. This manual guides who, when, and how a patient of ovarian cancer should be managed Addresses common problems as well as controversial issues Explains the anatomical and surgical procedure in vivid detail along with operative photographs and colored illustrations Table of contents Section 1: Pathology, Clinical Features, and Genomics 1. Etiopathogenisis of Ovarian Tumors, Neelam Wadhwa 2. Pathology of Ovarian Tumors--Current Concepts, Bharat Rekhi 3. Ovarian Cancer--Clinical Features and Patterns of Spread, Partha Basu 4. Tumor Markers in Ovarian Cancer, Alka Kriplani, Biswa Bhusan Dash, Durga Vijayasree 5. Prognostic Factors in Ovarian Cancer, Sreejith G. Nair 6. Ovarian Cancer--Genetics and Genomics, V. Sridevi, T. Rajkumar Section 2: Surgical Anatomy in Relation to Ovarian Cancer Surgery 7. Surgical Anatomy of Ovary, M. Gopalan, Durga Vijayasree, K. Chitrathara 8. Thoracoabdominal Diaphragm, Gopinathan, M. Gopalan 9. The Greater Omentum, K. Chitrathara 10. Anatomy of Retroperitoneum, K. Chitrathara, R. Manoj Babu, Altar Gauhar Haji 11. Staging of Ovarian Cancer, K. Chitrathara Section 3: Surgical Techniques in Ovarian Cancer: Epithelial Ovarian Cancer 12. Cytoreductive Surgery in Ovarian Cancer, J.N. Kulkarni 13. Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: The Role of Secondary Tumor Debulking, U.D. Bafna 14. Role of Lymphadenectomy in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, K. Chitrathara, R. Manoj Babu 15. Reteroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection in Ovarian Cancer, K. Chitrathara, S. Suchetha, Zahoor Ahmed 16. Omentectomy in Ovarian Cancer, K. Chitrathara, P. Rema 17. Peritonectomy in Ovarian Malignancy, Manash Biswas, S.P.S. Kochar 18. Role of Laparoscopic Surgery in the Management of Ovarian Malignancy, Amita Maheshwari Section 4: Current Management of Germ Cell, Sex Cord and Other Rare Tumors 19. Surgical Management of Germ Cell Tumors of the Ovary, Elizabeth Vallikad 20. Ovarian Sex Cord Stromal Tumors, Sumita Mehta, Shalini Rajaram 21. Borderline Ovarian Cancer, P.P. Bapsy, V. Satya Suresh Attili 22. Peritoneal Carcinomatosis, Firoz Rajan Section 5: Ovarian Cancer: Screening and Prevention 23. Screening for Ovarian Malignancy, Usha MG 24. Ovarian Cancer Prevention, Shalini Rajaram, Sumita Mehta 25. Management of Adnexal Cystic Masses, Shalini Rajaram, Rachna Agarwal Section 6: Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer 26. Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, V.P. Gangadharan 27. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in the Management of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (EOC), Roopa Hariprasad, Lalit Kumar 28. Recurrent or Relapsed Ovarian Cancer, D. Raghunath Rao 29. Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer, P.S. Sreedharan 30. Chemotherapy in Germ Cell Tumors of Ovary, Yamini Krashnan 31. Chemotherapy for Rare Ovarian Tumors Section 7: Imaging in Ovarian Cancer: Diagnosis, Operability, Recurrence 32. Imaging in Ovarian Malignancy, Meenakshi H. Thakur Section 8: Special Scenarios 33. Pregnancy and Malignant Ovarian Tumors, Usha Rani Poli 34. Radiotherapy in Ovarian Cancer--Current Concepts, Umesh Mahantshetty, Pranav Chadha, Reena Engineer, Shyam Kishore Shrivastava 35. Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, Abraham Peedicayil 36. Palliative Surgery in Ovarian Cancer, Namrata Rajneesh Kachhara, Sarita Patel, Nitika Benjamin 37. Principles of Surgery of the Bowel, S. Sudhindran, G. Unnikrishnan, Ramachandran N. Menon Section 9: Clinical Trials 38. Newer Agents in Ovarian Cancer, K. Pavithran Appendix Index

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Ovarian Cancer: Comprehensive and Contemporary Management
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Amita Maheshwari,K. Chitrathara,Shalini Rajaram
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McGraw-Hill Medical/Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
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1 kg
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