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Broadcasting: New Patron of Hindustani Music

by B.N. Goswami

Publisher: Sharada Publishing House

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About the book

In the beginning of the present century the invention of radio and television brought major and speedy revolution in the world of mass communication which made it possible to communicate the message in a broader way to the masses in no time. Radio played a marvellous role in the fields of education, information and entertainment and tremendously influenced the society. The aim of the present work is studying the role of broadcasting in popularising and development of Hindustani Music, and on its quality and quantity both. At present our traditional music is gaining popularity not only in our country but also in the western countries. Our great musicians like, Pt Ravi Shankar, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan are doing excellent work in the field. Western Musicians are also taking interest in introducing Indian Music to foreign audience. Their media played a unique role in popularising our music in the West. The book incorporates the different aspects of broadcasting right from the tracing of historical facts, achievements of broadcasting in the field of Hindustani Music, the facts and figures about the number of radio stations, population and area covered, time devoted to music programme, artistes' and listeners' opinions and experiences of our pioneers and great musicians have also been incorporated. Audience survey reports have been examined with regard to developmentand transformation of public taste. It is hoped that the book will go a long way to cater the needs of the lovers of Hindustani Music and Mass Communication experts as well. Contents:- Preface 1. Introduction 2. Historical Perspective 3. Methodology 4. Expansion of Music Items after Independence 5. Function of Archives and Programme Exchange 6. Experimentation 7. Total Exposure and Impact 8. Analysis of Facilities of the Artists : Merits and Demerits 9. Broadcast of Indian Music from Foreign Broadcasting Organisation (A brief Survey) 10. The New Patron of Hindustani Music 11. Present Situation 12. Impact of Telecasting on Broadcasting (Listening of Classical music) 13. Concluding Images from the past

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Book :
Broadcasting: New Patron of Hindustani Music
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Author :
B.N. Goswami
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Publisher :
Sharada Publishing House
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15 x 23 cm
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1 kg

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