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The Art of Effective Communication

by Namrata Palta

Publisher: Lotus Press Publishers & Distributors

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About the book

This book has been designed keeping in the mind that in our interactive world, every act of communication deeply influences the nature of life in our communities. To be able to effectively communicate, we need to be aware of the various aspects of communication. The book contains a detailed explanation of the aspects related to communication namely-body language, verbal communications, non-verbal communication and also reflects on how a person can become an effective communicator Contents I. UNDERSTANDING COMMUNICATION : 1. Content, Form, and Destination of Human Communication 2. Communication Theories 3. Communication Barriers 4. Communication Mediums II. VERBAL COMMUNICATION-MAKING PRESENTATIONS : 1. Preparation 2. Making the Presentation 3. Delivery 4. Emphasis III. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION : 1. Interpersonal Communication Dynamics 2. Tips for Understanding Nonverbal Communication 3. Cues, Signals and Symbols 4. Ways to Improve Non-verbal Communication IV. BODY Language : 1. Types of Body Language 2. Emphasis in Body Language 3. Using Body Language 4. Assertiveness V. LISTENING SKILLS : 1. Types of Listening 2. Improving Listening Skills VI. HOW TO BE A GOOD COMMUNICATOR : VII. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION VIII. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION IX. CLIENT COMMUNICATION X. COMMUNICATION CONCLUSION

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Book :
The Art of Effective Communication
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Namrata Palta
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Lotus Press Publishers & Distributors
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1 kg

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