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Intriguing India: The Historic South

by Colleen Gantzer,Hugh

Publisher: Niyogi Books

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About the book

Steve Jobs discovered his genius in India. He found that creativity lies beyond weighing, measuring and deducing. He learnt the way of our savants, tapped intuition, married calligraphy to technology and triggered an IT revolution. In their travels around southern India, Hugh and Colleen Gantzer look beyond history. What is the link between Daroji in tropical Karnataka and the mysterious beast that prowls the snowy wastes of the High Himalayas? Why were boulders carved as temples of varied architectural styles in an ancient port? Did an extreme rural sport in Tamil Nadu originate thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean lands? Did supermen walk the earth in the sixth century BC and has the image of one been captured in stone? This is not a book about history or archaeology or anthropology or any of the other very specialised sciences concerned with delving into the past, weighing and measuring it all, and presenting it as the mind of the historian sees it. History is, too often, his-story: the view of a specialist conforming to the rigours of his profession. That was not the intuitively unorthodox Steve Jobs way. The Gantzers ask you to join them as they let their intuitions roam freely to unravel the mysteries of Intriguing India.

Details of the book

Book :
Intriguing India: The Historic South
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Author :
Colleen Gantzer,Hugh
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Publisher :
Niyogi Books
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Size :
15 x 22 cm
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0.37 kg
Illustrations :
Numerous Colour Illustrations

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