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Animal Husbandry

by Ashok Kumar

Publisher: Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

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About the book

Animal Husbandry is intended primarily as text for the basic course in Animal Industries and Farm Animals, as the case may be. It should prove useful as a reference Book for those involved in livestock production. This book is not an encyclopaedia. Rather, it is a concise and up-to-date collection of those facts and judgements that can give a Beginning Student a well-rounded and clear Picture of the scope, importance, and operation of our great livestock, packing, and diary industries. Since many students major in other fields, and make this their Principal contact with a very important field of knowledge, an effort has been made to confine the Material to the essential facts and to maintain student interest by the liberal use of pictures, tables and charts. Contents, 1. Introduction : Signs of Health, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Poultry, Handling, Restraining Animals in Buildings, Headstall or Head Collars, Twitches, Gags, Cattle, Dogs, Casting Animals, Precautions before Casting, Administration of Medicine or Drenching, Horses and Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Injections, Subcutaneous Injections, Intramuscular Injections, Intraperitoneal Injections, Intravenous Injections, Intramammary Injection, Intra-Uterine Injections, Intra-Vaginal Tampons or Pessaries 2. Housing and Yarding : Size, Requirements for Housing, Roof, Walls, Floors, Horses : in Temperate Climates, Loose Box, Stalls, Sick Horse Box, Feed Room and Barn, Saddle or Tack Room, Hot Climate Housing, Control of Flies, Fire Precautions, Cattle, Dairy Cows in Temperate Climates, Cowhouse, Milking Parlour, Housing and Yards, Feeding, Movement of Cows, Collecting Yards, Race and Crush, Dairy Cows in a Tropical Climate, Bull Pen, Calves, Beef Cattle, Beef Cattle Sheds, Slats, Bull Beef, Sheep, Sheep Handling and Dipping Yards, Pigs, Sow, Dry Sow Housing, Farrowing Accommodation, Weaning and Rearing, Fattening House, Boar, Poultry, Rearing Layers and Breeders, Broiler House, Tropical Poultry Houses, Turkeys, Breeding and Rearing Houses, Breeding, Rearing, Fattening, Ducks, Rabbits 3. Feeding : Energy, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, Digestion, Monogastric Animals : Pig, Dog, Cat, Horse, Ruminants, Feeding Horses, Dairy Cows, Dry Matter Intake, Proteins, Developments in Practical Feeding of Dairy Cows, Minerals, Feeding Beef Cattle, Feeding Calves, Systems for Calf Feeding, Feeding after Weaning, Feeding Sheep, Mating, Pregnancy, Lactation, Importance of Protein Quality in Pregnancy, Feeding Lambs and Hoggs, Use of Grassland, Feeding Pigs, Practical Feeding, Creep Feeds, Grower and Finishing Rations, Pregnant Sow Ration, Lactating Sows, Feeding Boars. Feeding Poultry, Fowl, Broilers, Pullets and Broiler Breeders, Layers, Turkeys, Ducks, Rabbits, Dogs, Maintenance Requirements, Pregnant Bitch, Feeding during Lactation, Feeding Puppies, Cats, Adult Cats, Young Cats, Water, Water Requirements 4. Breeding : Historical Outline : The Animal Improvers, Emergence of Modern Breeds, Scientific Basis of Stock Breeding, Cell Genetics, Mendelism, Effect of the Environment, Dairy Cattle in the Tropics, Breeding Programmes, Methods used to Produce Improved Strains of Animals, Inbreeding, Mass Selection, Recessive Characters, Cross-Breeding in Practice, Fat-Lamb Production, Cross-Breeding in Dairy Cattle, Beef Production, Pig Production, Poultry Production, General 5. Development : Moving Towards Intensivism, Dressing Percentages, Sexual Development, Cattle, Birth of the Calf, Sheep, Birth of the Lamb, Pigs, Rabbits, General Growth Pattern, Rate of Growth and Carcass Composition, Growth in Pigs, Growth in Cattle, Factors Controlling Carcass Composition, Muscle Development, Influence of Breed on Muscle Growth, The Butcher and the Carcass, Comparative Studies of Muscle Growth, Carcass Assessment 6. Reproduction : Comparative Physiology of Reproductive Processes, Male, Testes, Penis, Disorders of Reproduction in the Male, Method of Examination, Artificial Insemination, Collection of Semen, Evaluation of Semen, Dilution of Semen, Deep-frozen Bull Semen, Insemination, Mares, Cows, Sheep, Sows, Female, Ovary, Oestrous Cycle, Pregnancy, Factors Controlling Fertility, Control of Oestrus by Hormones, Detection of Pregnancy, Parturition, Normal Parturition, Care of the Newborn, Disorders of Reproduction in the Female, Infection Following Parturition, Infections During Pregnancy, Other Causes of Infertility, Functional Infertility, Infertility and Nutrition, Production Disease 7. Piggery : The Country Pig, Advantages of pig Production, Efficiency in Park Production, Selection of Breeds, Berkshire, American Breed, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Feeding and Management of the Herd, Gestation Period, Artificial Insemination, Growth of Young, Proportional Growth of the Body, Slaughter of Pigs, Products of Piggery, Pork, Bristles, Sausages, Lard, Other Uses, Diseases and Control 8. Buffalo : Breeds of Indian Buffaloes, Murrah, Nili/Ravi, Surti, Jaffarabadi, Mehsana, Uttar Pradesh Group, Bhadawari, Tarai, Central India Group, Nagpuri, Pandhepuri, Manda, Sambalpur, Kalhandi, Jerangi, South India Group, Toda, Breeding and Management Problems, Buffaloes are Seasonal Breeders, Silent Heat, Corrective Measures, Repeat Breeding, Weaning, Calf Mortality, Housing, Feeding Colostrum, Feeding Antibiotics, Feeding Milk Replacer, Disease 9. Horses and Mules : Ideal Draft Animal, Size, Head and Neck, Shoulders, Body, Rear Quarters, Feet, Legs, and Action, Common Blemishes and Unsoundnesses, Market Classes and Grades of Horses and Mules, Draft Horses, Chunks, Wagon Horses, Driving Horses, Saddle Horses, Ponies, Classes and Grades of Mules. Factors Affecting Marketing Value of Horses and Mules 10. Preventive Medicine : Dairy Cattle, Call-Rearing, Rearing of Yearling Heifers, Mating of Heifers, Cows, Diseases from Infections, Production Diseases, Biochemical Aids in Preventive Medicine, Reproduction Disorders, Importance of Regular Visits by Veterinarian, Improving Conception Rates, Pregnancy Diagnosis, Records, Beef Cattle, Controlled Mating, Sheep, Infections, Worms, Foot-rot, Pigs, Starting a Herd, Keeping Free of Infection, Preventing Perinatal Loss : Night Farrowing, Worms in Pigs, Organization of Preventive Medicine for Pig Units, Vices, Poultry, Environment and Nutrition, Vira Diseases, Bacterial Disease, Hygiene Measures 11. Animal Welfare : Pit Ponies, Experimental Animals, Laws to Prevent Cruelty; Welfare of Farm Animals, Codes of Practice, Farm Animal Welfare Council, The Law, Increasing Public Concern, Possible Improvements, Multilations, White Veal Calf, Export of Animals, Welfare of Animals being Slaughtered, Conclusion

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Animal Husbandry
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Ashok Kumar
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Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
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