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Black Tuesday and After

by B.N. Rao,L.S. Ramaiah

Publisher: Reference Press/Ess Ess Publisher

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The book mainly deals with the brief history of the World Trade Center and its fall on the 9th September, 2001 from the terrorists' attacks. the fall of 110 stories of 411 metres high towers, second in height only to the SEARS Towers in Chicago, was built at the cost of $750 millions in 1968-1973. The terrorists have also attacked the Pentagon, the military Head-Quarters of the US and crashed in pennsylvania. All these attacks spread fear and chaos in the U. S. and President Bush ordered a full scale investigation "to hunt down the folks who committed this act". The brain behind this barbaric act suspected to be Osama Bin Laden assisted by Mullah Mohammad Omar and Others. This book deals with how the terrorists attacks sent chill through the spines of all the World's top leaders and heir vow to fight terrorism . Led by the Allied Forces, the U. S. Began its hunt to capture Bin Laden and his aide Omar and others. Sensing the stiff resistance to surrender from Bin Laden and Omar, the Allied forces declared war on the 7th October, 2001 against the Taliban led government in Afghanistan. In this book, the author gave the day-to-day details of the attacks carried out by the Allied forces and the bristling resistance offered by the Taliban. After thirty eight days of fierce battle, the Northern Alliance and the Allied forces took control of Afghanistan and installed a new government headed by Hamid Karzari. During the interregnum period of terrorists attacks on W. T. C. and subjugation of Afghanistan, the author also describes about the attack on the Indian Parliament on 13the December, 2001. All this is current history that shook the world. The avowed policy of all the governments is to fight terrorists who are shaking the very foundation of out civilised society. It is yet to be seen., how long the U. S. led forces take to ferret out the fugitives, capture Bin Laden and his group of terrorists. The book will make good addition to the library collection.

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Book :
Black Tuesday and After
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B.N. Rao,L.S. Ramaiah
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Reference Press/Ess Ess Publisher
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1 kg

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