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ASP. Net MVC in Action

by Ben Scheirman, Jeffrey Palermo, Jimmy Bogard (Authors) & Phil Haack (Frwd)

Publisher: Dreamtech Press/Wiley India

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About the book

ASP NET MVC in Action is a comprehensive guide to MVC-based development using this powerful new framework. It offers a clearly-written introduction both to the ASP NET MVC Framework and to the MVC approach. The focus is on creating real, maintainable web applications-so don't expect toy examples and short snippets. The authors lead you from first-use through real-life scenarios. One of the key benefits of the MVC approach is introducing a high degree of testability to your applications and process. ASP NET MVC in Action shows you how to test each piece of your ASP NET application and how to introduce principles of test-driven development into your process. Because the framework is completely pluggable, you'll learn how to work with external Inversion of Control containers like StructureMap, Windsor, and Spring NET and open-source persistence layers like NHibernate.

Details of the book

Book :
ASP. Net MVC in Action
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Author :
Ben Scheirman, Jeffrey Palermo, Jimmy Bogard (Authors) & Phil Haack (Frwd)
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Dreamtech Press/Wiley India
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