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Sufism and Indian Mysticism

by Akhtarul Wasey & Farhat Ehsas (Eds)

Publisher: Readworthy Publications (P) Ltd.

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About the book

Sufism in Islamic tradition has for centuries been a source of inner peace, spiritual awakening and enlightenment for millions of human beings. It has also been a matter of debate among scholars regarding the questions related to its origin, nature and external manifestations. This volume, having 29 well researched papers, seeks to present a wide spectrum of perspectives and in-depth studies on different aspects of Islamic Sufism and Indian Mysticism, and their interface, that has manifested itself through the history of Islam\'s interaction with India, spread over a time-frame of more than a millennium. The contributions in this volume are made by some of the most renowned scholars and experts in the fields of philosophy, Islamic studies, comparative religions, psychology, sociology, history and journalism. Contents: Maulana Rumi as a Teacher: Annemarie Schimmel Mysticism in Islam: Mohd. Mujeeb Rabiyah al-Adwiyyah of Basra (713/714-801) Akhtar Qambar: Ibn Taymiyah\'s Criticism of Sufism: Abdul Haq Ansari Shaykh Farid Ganj-i-Shakar as a Model Sufi: Abdul Haq Ansari Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi on Wahdat \'l-Shuhud: Abdul Haq Ansari Kabir as Depicted in the Persian Sufistic and Historical Works: Qamaruddin Bhakti and Ishq-E-Ilahi: I.H. Azad Farooqi Shah Wali-ul Allah Dehlvi: An Analysis of his Sufism: Abdur Rasheed Bhat A Muslim\'s Devotions: S. Vahiduddin Soul/Energy: Ehsanullah Khan Epistemology in the Sufi Discourse: Syed Jamaluddin Spiritual States: Sufism and Psychology: Roquiya Zainuddin The Knowledge of God: S. Vahiduddin The Apprehension of God as an Inapprehensible Mystery: S. Vahiduddin The Mahfil-e-Sama: Sufi Practice in the Indian Context: Regula Burkhardt Qureshi A Muslim Appreciation of Christian Holiness: Mahmood M. Ayoub Death and Suffering in Islam: An Individualistic View: I.H. Azad Farooqi The Impact of West Asian Sufi Saints on Muslims in Medieval Bengal: Mohammad Ismail Sufi Approach to the Problem of Alienation: Waheed Akhtar Sufism and Gradual Transformation in the Meaning of Sufi in Safavid Period: Hossain Mir Jafri Esoteric and Mystical Aspects of Religious Knowledge in Sufism: Carl W. Ernst Modern Hindu Literary Treatment of a Medieval Indian Muslim Saint (Sidi Maula of Charuchandralekh): Om P. Gupta Role of Sufi Shrines in the Awadh under the Mughals (1658-1750): Jigar Mohammad Iqbal and Islamic Tassawwuf: Iqtidar Husain Siddiqi Fundamentalism or a Return to Fundamentals?: Akhtar Qambar The Early Chishti Dargahs of Delhi: Iqtidar Husain Siddiqi Sufism in Kashmir: Balraj Puri Ritual and Popular Piety: The Urs at Dargah Dada Hayat in South India: Yoginder Sikand

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Sufism and Indian Mysticism
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Akhtarul Wasey & Farhat Ehsas (Eds)
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Readworthy Publications (P) Ltd.
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