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Coaching: The Art of Developing Leaders

by Santhosh Babu

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd

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This book addresses multiple stakeholders of coaching. These include the coach, the client, the sponsor (the organization) and the leaders. If you are interested in being a coach or are a practicing coach, you would find this book extremely useful. If you are someone who wants to hire a coach and experience coaching, this book will show you what to expect and how the coaching happens. If you are a professional who would like to know more about coaching and use this in your organization, this can be a handy guide. And, if you are someone who would like increase your effectiveness then the pages of this book have much to offer you! Coaching-The Art of Developing Leaders dwells on how: · A strong Vibrant workplace where leaders engage both the hearts and the minds of individuals and teams leads to high performance results. · Each Leader could use the principles of Coaching to empower, support and unleash the potential of his people. · Coaching could help create a leadership pipeline faster, support development of high potential employees and how to use coaching as post training support to increase the effectiveness of training interventions. · To Build yourself as a coach, the steps and tools needed along with the conceptual frameworks and content that you need to kick start your coaching practice. · To chose the right coach for yourself, what to expect and how coaching could help you to be more effective as a leader. Coaching for Leadership Development · Team or Group Coaching · Managing Expectations · Types of Clients Who Can Be A Coach? · Self-knowledge, Authenticity and Congruence What is Coaching · As Old as Human Race · ‘Coach is Born’ with the ‘Carriage of Kocs’ · Coaching Makes You What You Want To Be · When and Why Do People Require Coaching · Requisites for A Successful Coaching Relationship · Historical Perspectives and Influencers · How is Coaching Different from Other Disciplines? Coaching Paradigms · Presence-based Coaching · Ontological Coaching · Integral Coaching · Neuro-linguistic Programming Coaching · Gestalt Coaching · Psychodynamic Coaching · Transpersonal Coaching · Appreciative Coaching Types of Coaching · Facilitative Coaching · Developmental Coaching · Personal/Life Coaching · Career Coaching · Group Coaching · Performance Coaching · Relationship Coaching · Targeted Behavioral Coaching · Legacy Coaching Executive Coaching · Executive Coaching in the Indian Context · Who Can Be A Coach? · Competencies Needed in A Client · Coaching Skills ODA Coaching Model · Systems perspective · Content, Process and Context · Integral Model · Three Levels of Learning · ODA Coaching Model · Coaching and ODA · Coaching Interventions Leader as A Coach · Complex Systems · Insights into What Motivates People · Leadership Challenges in the Emerging Economies · Major Characteristics Trends and Future Possibilities · Defining Coaching · Understanding the Coaching Context in Indian Organizations · Who is Sponsoring Coaching in Indian Organizations? · How is Coaching Effectiveness Measured? · Survey Questions · The Coach’s Perspective · How Is Executive Coaching Relevant in the Indian Cultural Context · Impact of Indian Cultural Ethos on Coaching · What Coaching Crystallizes into the Indian Corporate Context? Toolkit for A Coach · The Coaching Agreement · Personal Information Fact Sheet · Wheel of Life · Self-Discovery Form · Coaching Session Note Sheet · Goal Planning Sheet · Habits I Want to Build/Reinforce · Value-based Decision Framework · Assessments · Powerful Questions · A Sample 360-degree Questionnaire

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Coaching: The Art of Developing Leaders
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Santhosh Babu
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Wiley India Pvt. Ltd
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1 kg

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