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Man in Search of GOD

by E. D. Setty

Publisher: Akansha Publishing House

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About the book

This Book describes in a historical and evolutionary sense the primordial diversity of belief system of man and the associated rituals, taboos, sacrifices and value system as part of a local or Ethnic culture. It looks into the concepts of god which is one area so vast and the attempts of man right from Ancient Times till today spread over different parts of the globe how he has dreamt, visualized, conceptualized and imagined the reality of god. The very field as one could see is more like a great ocean, but the book makes an attempt looking into what mankind at different parts of the globe over millennia have speculated and arrived at some tentative and definite conclusions about the concept of god. The initial part of the book discusses in detail Religious beliefs and practices in South Africa, South America, Australia, Polynesia and Malaynesia covering several ethnics and tribal groups, detailing their religious life and practices. In a chronological sense, the book briefly describes Beginning with Hindu way of life, Jainism, the way of the Buddha, Judaism and Christianity and the straight path of Islam. The case Study dealing with the Valayar of South India is a detailed religious belief system and practices of the Valayar of South India. In a sense, the book reflects and encompasses the various belief systems and practices related to all the religions. The concluding part thought not a Commentary of criticism, attempts a brief comparison of Religions in respect to what they stand for and what they advocate. In the beginning of the book there are three areas which are critically examined. They are idolatry, sin and religious conversion. In brief the reader may get an idea of man’s attempt to understand the mystery of god and mystery of creation. Preface Introduction 1. Variety of Religious Beliefs and Practices 2. Religious Beliefs and Practices in Africa, South America, Australia, Polynesia and Melanesia 3. The Eternal Way of Hinduism 4. Jainism 5. The Way of the Buddha 6. Judaism and Christianity 7. The Straight Path of Islam 8. The Religious Life of Valayar of South India 9. Some Reflections on Religions Glossary of Terms Related to Religion

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Book :
Man in Search of GOD
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E. D. Setty
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Akansha Publishing House
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1 kg

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