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Modern Teaching of History: Theories and Practices

by G. D. Gururani

Publisher: Akansha Publishing House

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A record or account, often chronological in approach, of past events, developments, etc.; all that is preserved or remembered of the past, especially in written form; and the discipline of recording and the interpreting the past events involving human beings is known as history. A unique blend of Science and art, History has remained an important subject, with its multidisciplinary approach and nature. Teaching of history requires special skill to make the subject comprehensive. Thus, a modern teacher must know all the techniques required for. This books gives elaborate an description of main principles, aims, tools and techniques, and tips of teaching history. Definitely, teachers, teacher-trainers, teacher-trainers and researchers in the field will find this Book useful and informative. Table of Contents Preface 1. An Introduction to History 2. Classification of History 3. History and Other Subjects 4. Teaching History : Aims, Objectives and Values 5. Main Methods 6. Golden Tips for Effective History Teaching 7. Principles of Teaching History 8. Curriculum Development 9. Teaching History for Citizenship in the Elementary School 10. Techniques of History Teaching 11. Lesson Planning & Time Sense in History 12. History Library & Role of Text Books 13. The History Library & Role of Text Books 14. The History Teacher and The History Room 15. Evaluation in History 16. Salient Aids Select Bibliography

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Modern Teaching of History: Theories and Practices
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G. D. Gururani
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Akansha Publishing House
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