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Philosophical Concept of God

by R. K. Behera

Publisher: Akansha Publishing House

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The idea of God is the idea of an infinite, eternal, immutable, self-subsistent, omniscient and omnipotent being. Some have urged that the idea of God is a pure Construction of the human mind, put together by raising arbitrarily to Infinity such excellences, as humanity possesses. This Book has given more attention to Descartes aim, method, methodic doubt and cogito ergo sum. It also discusses God from the standpoint of Geometry, Theology and philosophy. The causal argument for the existence of God owes its origin mainly to Aristotle in European philosophy. The first cause argument was set forth in detail by Aristotle and it was accepted by his followers particularly by the theologians in the Medireview period. An attempt is made to examine in detail about the view of Aristotle, Descartes, Hume and Kan; The Ontological argument has been regarded, as the corner stone in the scheme of things. It is the most important argument to prove the existence of God, where the existence of God is proved from the idea of God. An attempt is made to evaluate ontological argument in its various forms in the light of contemporary reflections. Problems about existence, reference and necessity are also discussed. The role of God plays a very important role in Cartesian philosophy. Like any other moderners, Descartes could not change the entire legacies, particularly the mental legacy. As a result of this, God is the central problem for him. This book will certainly helpful to all the readers, particularly the readers of philosophy, religion, and spirituality. Table of Contents Foreword Preface 1. Introduction 2. Geometry, Theology and Philosophy 3. Descartes' Philosophical Argument for the Existence of God 4. The Cosmological Argument 5. The Ontological Argument 6. Role of God in Cartesian Philosophy 7. Conclusion

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Philosophical Concept of God
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R. K. Behera
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Akansha Publishing House
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1 kg

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