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Aspects of Tourism: Tourism Employment

by Michael Riley

Publisher: Viva Books Private Limited

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Tourism is a hard industry to ‘see’ - its diversity and fragmentation make it difficult for either analysis or synthesis to make holistic sense. Nevertheless, this book is an attempt to understand tourism employment in such a holistic way. Using ideas from labour economics, work psychology and industrial sociology, the authors look at tourism employment in both its workplace context and its wider economic and social environment, and attempt to tell a coherent story. Both behavioural and economic perspectives are used to address questions that are salient to manpower planning, education planning and tourism management. The nature of jobs and mobility patterns lie at the heart of the book. By examining the diversity and commonality within occupations against the background of a dynamic labour market, the text develops themes that contribute to our understanding of the behaviour of workers and managers in the industry. The book begins with an analysis of key industry dimensions such as productivity, pay and occupational diversity. It then uses investigative techniques of manpower planning to show how behavioural patterns can helpfully contribute to macro level analysis. The final part of the book looks at the consequences of such analysis for the planning function, human resource management and vocational education. Contents: Understanding the Industry • Diversity and Planning: The Dynamic Nature of the Industry • Attraction and Accessibility • Labour Productivity • Pay Determination • The Nature of Service Labour • Analysis: Some Empirical Studies • The Principles of Biographical Analysis • Mobility into Tourism • Career Analysis and Labour Markets: A Study of the Career Paths of Hotel Managers • Motivation and Occupational Choice: A Study of Orientations in Tourism • Occupational Classification and Analysis • Skill Accumulation Patterns: A Case of Culinary Skills • Personal Career Strategies in the Context of Market • Human Resource Development • Human Resource Management: An Overview • Vocational Education and Markets: Tourism Education • Planning and Development

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Aspects of Tourism: Tourism Employment
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Michael Riley
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Viva Books Private Limited
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