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Animal Agriculture Biotechnology: Biotechnologies Policy Planning Reviews and Visions

by Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani

Publisher: Satish Serial Publishing House

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About the book

Under the changing World scenario new global mindset has emerged in the form of fast information and communication, Dna analytic modules, gene mapping with genomic information being reassessed and reconstituted in electronic chips. A new mechanism of ultra sensitive equipments and techniques have emerged to counteract new Emerging diseases. A new global system of Research has to cope up with these new global challenges. In the words of Prof. Charlottee Krik Baer, Director of National Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Veterinary research has to be remandated for protecting public health besides Animals health. Thus the wise postulation of Prof. Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) have come true a century after his death. He postulated that "All Animal Species including Homo Spines are related and that Knowledge gained in one species benefits all the others. This Integrated human animals-plant and the Environment as one entity. The whole Book has been arranged in two broad sections. - Animal Biotechnology - Agriculture Scenario & Environment The first section consists of 28 chapters including last chapter on references cited. The books' initiates with Abstract which reflects brief Topics and issues discussed in the chapter. Every chapter is a complete entity in itself. One is not bound to read the book in a systematic order. He is free to choose any chapter or even a subheading under a chapter to refresh his knowledge. Every attempt has been made to present latest and futurist view of animal-agriculture biotechnology. Section II on agriculture and allied Policies has been described briefly in chapters 29-37, topics like agriculture productivity, agro-econ-concerns, agribusiness, agriclinics, indigenous-agro-techniques, horticulture and a vivid new Reforms on extension education. Contents, I. ANIMAL Biotechnology : 1. Mammalian Ovarian Angiogenesis and Implantation 2. Endocrinological Advances-vision 2050 3. Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Genital Organs During Embryonic and Foetal Development 4. Ultrasonography and Laparoscopy in Farm Animals 5. Small Ruminant Reproductive Diseases 6. Nano-stem Cell Technology Use in Mammalian Reproduction 7. Reproductive Technology Applications 8. Ovarian Manipulation and Ovulation 9. Stem Cell Technological Applications 10. Sustainable Livestock Productivity Reproductive Prospective 11. Clinical Aspects of Embryonic and Fetal Development in Small Ruminants 12. Ovarian and Foetal Abnormalities in Small Ruminants 13. Reproductive Health Management of Mammals 14. Pregnancy Diagnosis in Ruminants 15. Future Research in Reproduction Vision 2100 16. Wild Animals Damages to Agrarian Economy 17. Nuclear and Embryo Manipulation Techniques 18. Early Embryonic Development in Sheep and Goats 19. Mammalian Foetal Attachment 20. Uterine Physiology and Foetal Development 21. New Embryonic Concepts 22. Early Pregnancy Signs 23. Reproductive Disease Management 24. Pathological Aspect of Disease Diagnosis 25. Reproductive-abnormalities in Small Ruminants 26. Involution of Uterus 27. Cervical Alterations During Pregnancy in Small Ruminants 28. Livestock Development Policy and Vision 2050 II. AGRICULTURE SCENARIO AND ENVIRONMENT : 29. Agricultural Productivity Gains Through Capacity Building, Eco-friendly Farming and Extension Education Reforms 30. Success Stories of Agribusiness/Agri-Clinics-A tool of Agri-entrepreneurship 31. Eco-friendly Agricultural Productivity with Indigenous Techniques In Kashmir 32. Employment Opportunities for Agricultural Graduates 33. The HORTICULTURE Development in Jammu and Kashmir, Past, Present, Future Research and Outreach Initiatives 34. Extension Education Reformation I-New Reformation Models 35. Extension Education Reformation II-Technology use and Knowledge Upgradation 36. Extension Education Reformation III-Farmers Perception and Farmers School 37. Capacity Building and E-extension for Enhancing Agriculture Productivity in India

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Animal Agriculture Biotechnology: Biotechnologies Policy Planning Reviews and Visions
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Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani
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Satish Serial Publishing House
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1 kg

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