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The Art of Communicating

by Thich Nhat Hahn

Publisher: Rider

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Despite all of our best intentions, communication is still a challenge for most of us. How do we say what we mean in a way that the other person can really hear? How can we learn to listen with compassion and understanding. Why do people communicate so differently and how can we reach across our differences to strengthen our relationships. Using examples from his own experience working with couples, families, workplace colleagues and international conflicts, celebrated spiritual leader. Thich Nhat Hanh reveals five steps to truly mindful communication. By focusing on concrete and accessible practices, The Art of Communicating provides the key to communicating with yourself, loved ones, colleagues and new acquaintances more effectively, with kindness and mindfulness. There is a saying in Vietnamese - It doesnt cost anything to have loving speech. We only need to choose our words carefully and we can make other people happy. To use words mindfully, with loving kindness, is to practice generosity. We can make many people happy just by practicing loving speech.

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The Art of Communicating
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Thich Nhat Hahn
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13 x 21 cm
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