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Children Youth and Electronic Media: Prospects and Protents

by Subhash R. Joshi

Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation

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"Children, Youth and Electronic Media : Prospects and Portents" is a timely book on the impact that the Dominant and Emerging media of today's era have on children and youth. The kind of impressions that the electronic media leaves on children and youth, has certainly made it an area of major concern of parents, teachers and society at large. The electronic media, no doubts, has brought about revolutionary changes by opening new opportunities and making information/education available to us at our finger tips. But at the same time, it has also raised several upsetting issues created by its misuse The book addresses these issues faced by all of us : The consumers of the media, media planners, content generators and point to the possible maxim for proper /beneficial use of the electronic media with special emphasis on its use for by Children and youth : The future of every country. The authors of this book are a mix of experience and youth, drawn from different disciplines. This combination brings forth an amalgamation of novel and contemporary perspective on the issues This book is highly recommended for all stakeholders, be they parents, teachers, media practitioners, social scientists, decision makers, the academia or the common person. Contents:- Foreword/B.S. Bhatia Contributors In Children's Own Words Parent's Views I. PROLOGUE : 1. Children, Youth and ICTs : The Indian Scenario/R. Subhash Joshi II. THE 'DOMINANT MEDIA : 2. Impact of Fictional and Factual Television Violence on Children/I. Anil Aram 3. The Making of Science Programmes for Children : A Case Study-Aisa Hi Hota Hai/Swarna Deshpande 4. Idiot Box or Clever Box : Children-Television Education/Subha Das Mollick 5. Threat to Young Minds? : A Programme Maker's Reflections/Kamlesh Udasi 6. Radio : A Medium for Empowering Youth and Children/B. Phalachandra and Sonjib Mukharjee 7. Bollywood Masala-What Mainstream Cinema Offers Youth and Children/Madhavi Purohit III. THE 'EMERGING MEDIA' : 8. Internet and Pornography/Susan Sridhar 9. Navigating Uncharted Territories : Children, Youth and Internet/Niti Desai-Chopra & Manisha Pathak-Shelat 10. Impact of Student Internet World-2004 on School Children : A Study on Mangalore Taluk/Waheeda Sultana, H.L. Shashirekha and V.R. Nanjangud 11. Children and Internet : Education, Effects and Safety/Haripriya Modugula 12. Mobile Phones in the Lives of the Young People : Sample Survey of Users in Mumbai/K. Mira Desai 13. Multimedia Messaging Service or Miscellaneous Misuse of Service/Gayatri Ayyangar IV. TARGET AUDIENCES AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS : 14. New Media and the Girl Child: Critical Issues and Challenges/Kiran Prasad 15. Youth have the Media Advantage/Madhavi Joshi, Sanjay Joshi & Gopal Kumar Jain 16. Empowering Pester Power : Media Education in Time of Need/Radha Misra 17. Handle Technology before IT Handles You/Ra Joshi

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Children Youth and Electronic Media: Prospects and Protents
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Subhash R. Joshi
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B.R. Publishing Corporation
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1 kg

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