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ADA Chotal on Sitar: Anthology of Poorav Baj

by S. Bandyopadhyaya

Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation

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About the book

The richness of Indian music lies in its sentiments of the Rasa, that springs rhythmic patterns called as the Taal, and each Taal has its own thrilling effects of excitement, which acts on its own way upon all human beings. Only a few out of many obscure Taste current at present, Ada Chowtal is one of such That was formerly common and popular among all musicians even a few decades ago Unfortunately, due to lack of practice and non-availability of the traditional compositions set in this Taal, it is now on the way of its extinction. Illustrious essays or the Gata are exhibited in this little book Though rare, they also represent the cultural heritage of the traditionalists of the by-gone days Ten parent scales excluding the male Punya-Dhanashree of the modern system of music are illustrated at length in the text. The present work is a concise presentation of Rezakhani Baj on a few melodious Raagas-all set only in Ada Chowtal It covers the courses of studies as prescribed by different Universities for their various examinations in music The compositions are symbolic by itself Hence, the awakening of the latent talents in all lovers of Sitar of all times. Contents:- Exordium I. INTRODUCTION II. ADA CHOWTAL III. DHAMAR, JHUMRA & DEEPCHANDI IV. SYMBOLS &, ALANKAR V. OBSERVATIONS VI. DELINEATIONS OF MODES : 1. Alahiya Vilabal 2. Asavari 3. Bageshwari 4. Behag 5. Bhairavi 6. Gaud-Sarang 7. Gurjari Todi 8. Hindole 9. Jaijaivanti 10. Kamode 11. Khamach 12. Puriya 13. Todi 14. Yaman

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Book :
ADA Chotal on Sitar: Anthology of Poorav Baj
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Author :
S. Bandyopadhyaya
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B.R. Publishing Corporation
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15x23 cm
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1 kg

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