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Handwriting Analysis (A Complete Self-teaching Guide)

by P. Scott Hollander

Publisher: Jaico Books

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About the book

A person’s handwriting holds the key to many unknown facets to him, such as, the mind, personality, traits, and intentions, which would otherwise remain hidden for years. Hence handwriting analysis is an intuitive and intriguing art, and the basis of the book Handwriting Analysis: A Complete Self-Teaching Guide. This book lays out all the procedures and techniques involved in handwriting analysis, following which, you will be in a position to do a complete analysis of a person, through a sample of their handwriting, and read them like a book. In addition, you could even master this book and use it as a tool, in order to embark on a lucrative career as a professional handwriting expert. This teach-yourself guide book enables you to discover many interesting features related to handwriting, including how to analyse children’s handwriting, use your analysing capabilities to pinpoint your hidden talents, or potential issues related to health, and explore new career opportunities. Handwriting Analysis: A Complete Self-Teaching Guide makes handwriting analysis easy to accomplish, and provides you with ample handwriting samples to practice your newly learned skills. Divided into two parts, following a basic introduction to the field of Graphology, the first part of the book deals with The Fundamentals of Handwriting Analysis, while the second part discusses the scope and many applications of this skill, in Using The Analysis - Applications Of Graphology. Covering all of the relevant and important aspects of graphology, the book provides clear explanations to many topics, including, trait indicators, pen stroke formations, self image, and behavioural motivators. The appendices at the end of the book include, a complete glossary of terminology related to characteristics and traits, as well as, answers to review questions. Owing to its thorough approach, Handwriting Analysis: A Complete Self-Teaching Guide is considered a valuable learning tool, and the most complete book on the subject.

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Book :
Handwriting Analysis (A Complete Self-teaching Guide)
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Author :
P. Scott Hollander
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Publisher :
Jaico Books
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Size :
18 x 24 cm
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1 kg

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