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The Sikh Psyche: A Study of the Fictional Writing of Bhai Vir Singh

by Dr Harcharan Singh Sobti

Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers

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About the book

Bhai Vir Singh (1872-1957), Father of Modern Panjabi Literature, in bis trilcgy of fiction comprising Sundry Bijy Singh and Satwant Kaur. has mainly depicted the ethos of the Sikh community ofthePanjab, struggling for its survival and the retention of identity, during the later Mughal period of Indian history. In fact, it is Turk/Mughal the Ruler who is depicted as a villain in these writings of Bhai Vir Singh and not the Muslim as contended by historians and literary critics of Panjabi literature. Bhai Vir Singh, as a writer, aimed at restructuring contemporary Sikh society in the pattern evolved by the Singh Sabha movement, whose main concern, besides other things, was to remain on the right hand side of the British Masters. His condemnation of the Rulers of the past, was in the last analysis, prompted by his motive to glorify the British Rule. Therefore, Bbai Vir Singh viewed the historical past inconsistent with the attitude he professed towards the contemporary regime. Thus, we find Bhai Vir Singh involved in a paradoxical situation. This book is an attempt to decode the meaning and motive of this very paradox in the back. ground of the Sikh psyche. CONTENTS: Preface Chap. 1 : The Survey of the Literature Chap. 2 : Sikhism : The Religion of the Rebels Chap. 3 : The Sikh-State Relations Chap. 4 : The Ruler is Villain Chap. 5 : The Sikh Ideal Chap. 6 : The Rise of British Empire Conclusion

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Book :
The Sikh Psyche: A Study of the Fictional Writing of Bhai Vir Singh
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Author :
Dr Harcharan Singh Sobti
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Eastern Book Linkers
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14 x 22 cm
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1 kg

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