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The Folk-Rhymes of the Bengali Vratas: Complete and Fully Translated and Annotated

by Bhabataran Datta

Publisher: The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

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About the book

"The objective of this work is to prepare a comprehensive compilation of the folk-rhymes, embedded in the vratas only, current in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Bengali texts (with transliteration), English translations and notes on all the rhymes, entwined with the katha, i.e., the story (summarized), rituals, constituents and objectives reflect the desire and the attainment, customs, beliefs, the status of women (unmarried and married) in the society, the innate nature of women's feeling for the family, relatives, the neighbours, the community and even the commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment (vide-observance Nos. XIX, XXII, XXVIII, XXXIV, etc.). Records are there of the child marriage, bigamy, relation and status of co-wives in the family, the desire of the supplicator to have a young groom to avoid a polygamous husband (vide-observance No. XXXII). The information, with recorded and chanted texts, it is hoped, will be of some value to cultural anthropology and sociology as well. The Indian Society is somewhat of a puzzle to the foreigners. It is hoped that the analysis, contained in this work, will help an inquisitive reader to get a better insight into the family set-up and social nexus of this part of India and Bangladesh." CONTENTS: Foreword Preface Bibliography-Source Introduction 1. Aranya Sasthir Katha 2. Asvattha-Narayan 3. Aoni Baoni/Baoni Badha 4. Atkaure 5. Itur Katha 6. Indrapuja/Bhajo/Bhajui 7. Kul-kulati Vrata 8. Kului Mangalbarer Katha 9. Ksetravrata Katha 10. Gokal Vrata 11. Casar Cheleder Bhiksa 12. Tara Vrata 13. Tuttusila/Tustusali/Tustusuli 14. Tul(a)si Pata Tulibar Mantra 15. Tribhuban-caturthi Vrata 16. Thuya Vrata 17. Dasputtal Vrata 18. Dip nirvapita karibar Mantra 19. Dharmapukur Vrata 20. Nakhchuter Vrata 21. Naldaka 22. Punyipukur/Punyapukur 23. Prthibi Vrata 324. Paus 25. Phagun-kona Vrata 26. Basudhara Vrata 27. Vrstir Janya 28. Belpukur Vrata 329. Bhadrali/Bhaduli Vrata 30. Bhratrdviitiya 31. Manasar Katha 32. Maghmoraler/Maghmandal/Magh/Maghmandal Vrata 33. Megh(a)Ranir Vrata 34. Yampukur Vrata 35. Rane-eyo Vrata 36. Ramdurgar ba purnimar Vrata 37. Raudrer Janya 38. Laksmipujar Katha, Kojagari 39. Laksmipujar Katha/Pausmaser 40. Sib(a) / Sankar Vrata 41. Sankat Mangalbarer Katha 42. Sandhyamanir Vrata 43. Sajpujani/Samjuti/Sanja/Sejati/Sejuti Vrata 44. Sabitri Caturdasi Vrata 45. Subarnarekhar Prati 46. Suyo Duyo Pujo / Sodo Bhasana (pujo) 47. Haricaran/Haricaraner/Harir Caran Vrata 48. Hecara Vrata

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Book :
The Folk-Rhymes of the Bengali Vratas: Complete and Fully Translated and Annotated
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Author :
Bhabataran Datta
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Publisher :
The Asiatic Society, Kolkata
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19 x 25 cm
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0.726 kg
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Few b/w illustrations.

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