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5 Indian Masters

by Khushwant Singh,Mulk Raj Anand,Premchand (Author) & Jai Ratan, P. Lal (Trns)

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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About the book

This book is a compilation of classic short stories by five great Indian writers - Raja Rao, Rabindranath Tagore, Premchand, Dr. Mulk Raj Anand and Khushwant Singh. Though not necessarily representative of the authors’ complete works, the stories have been carefully chosen to showcase their versatility and skill as storytellers. The collection covers an extraordinary range of themes, styles and settings, allowing the reader to get a glimpse of another world gone by. Yet, these stories seem timeless, and the characters in them show the same foibles, fears and hopes as people in the brave new world of the 21st century. Contents:- I. RAJA RAO : 1. The Serpent and the Rope 2. The Cat and Shakespeare 3. The Chessmaster and His Moves II. RABINDRANATH TAGORE : 1. The Cabuliwallah 2. Tell Me A Story 3. Price of a Head 4. Guru Govinda 5. A Wrong Man in Workers' Paradise 6. The Favourite Queen 7. The Ungrateful Sorrow 8. Seventeen Years 9. Minoo 10. A Game with Names 11. The Prince 12. The Master's Ghost 13. The Scroll 14. The Conclusion 15. The Car Festival III. PREMCHAND : 1. Box of Jewels 2. The Lone Voice 3. The Wrist Watch 4. The New Bride 5. The Police of Justice 6. A Police Officer's Tale 7. The Necklace IV. DR. MULK RAJ ANAND : 1. Lajwanti 2. The Gold Watch V. KHUSHWANT SINGH : 1. Karma 2. The Mark of Vishnu 3. The Portrait of a Lady 4. The Insurance Agent 5. The Riot 6. The Man with a Clear Conscience 7. The Memsahib of Mandla

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5 Indian Masters
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Khushwant Singh,Mulk Raj Anand,Premchand (Author) & Jai Ratan, P. Lal (Trns)
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Jaico Publishing House
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1 kg

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