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The Right Way to Improve Your English

by J.E. Metcalfe

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

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What’s wrong with these Sentence? — Who shall I give it to — He very kindly promised to take my sister and I fora sail. — Neither the manager nor his assistant were then at nine o 'clock. - Get it over quick. Can you spot the mistakes? If not, you need to Improve Your This is not a dull, dry grammar book, but an elegant expose of the errors which people so easily make, and explanation of Of equal benefit to the English and to the foreign student of English, the book guarantees a thorough grounding in all basic elements needed to secure a polished and full command of the language. Contents:- Prologue I. ON ENGLISH : The Need for Grammar—The English Language—The grammar of writers—Spoken English—The prevalence of poor English—What is bad English? II. PARTS OF SPEECH : Definitions—An analysis—Nouns—Plurals—Possessives—Verbs—Adjectives—Articles—Adverbs. III. MORE PARTS of SPEECH : Conjunctions—Selection of conjunctions—Starting sentences—Conjunctive phrases—A note on "and"—"But"—"But" as "except"—"Since," "for," "as"—Prepositions—The placing of prepositions—Unsupported prepositions—Prepositions as adjectives—"To" and its omission—Interjections. IV. VERBS : Moods—The Infinitive—The Split Infinitive—The Justified Split Infinitive—The Split Infinitive: Conclusions—Omission of "to" from The Infinitive—Present-Tense Construction—Past-Tense Construction—Participles—Past Tense and Past Participle—Verbs Ending in "t" or "d"—The Verb "to Sit"—"Shall" and "will"—Conditional Forms—General Rules for "Shall," "will," "Should" and "would"—Some Quotations-Indefinite Future with "Shall"—"Shall" with "That"-Clauses—"Will" with "That"-Clauses—"Expect"—The Conditional—Redundant Conditionals—The Subjunctive-The Subjunctive : Summary—The Imperative—Transitive and Intransitive Verbs—"Lay" and "Lie"—"Lay" and "Lie" : Past Tense—"Lay" and "Lie" : Past Participles—"Lay" and "Lie" : Compound Verbs—The Verb "to Be"—The Complement—Variation in Numbers—Compound Subjects—"am I Not?"—Ellipsis with "to be" and "to have"—Impermissible Ellipsis. V. PRONOUNS : Personal Pronouns—"you"—Demonstrative Pronouns—Demonstrative Pronouns in Use—Demonstrative Pro-Nouns as Adjectives—"none"—"Either" and "Neither"—"Either" and "Neither" with Other Parts of Speech—"All"—"Some"—Relative Pronouns—Relative Pronouns with Other Pronouns—"who" and "whom"—"whose"—"which" and "that"—Omission of the Relative Pronoun—"which" with a Noun—"that" Related to a Verb—Interrogative Pronouns—"what"—Possessive Pronouns—Indefinite Pronouns—"Every"—"it" VI. THE SENTENCE AND THE PARAGRAPH : Definition of a Sentence—Slovenly Examples—Subject and Predicate—Longer Sentences—The Object of a Sentence—Subjective and Objective Pronouns—Clauses and Phrases—Compound Sentences—Lengths of Sentences—Connecting the Parts of a Sentence—Parenthesis—Syntax—"Only"—"Also"—Paragraphs—Arrangement of Ideas—Economy—d£ Rules for Economy—Numerals—Conclusion. VII. PUNCTUATION : The Punctuation Marks—The Full-Stop—The Full-Stop with Abbreviations—The Comma—Commas in Enumeration—Enumerations Forming Subjects of Sentences—Confusing Enumerations—Parenthetical Use of Commas—Two Small Matters—Wrong Use of The Comma—Enumeration of Adjective Lives—The Use of The Comma with Numerals—The Comma with Quotations—A Strange Press Custom—The Semicolon—The Semi-Colon in Verse—The Semi-Colon in Grouping—Wrong Use of The Semi-Colon—The Colon-' The Colon as a Link—The Colon with Quotations—The Colon in Abbreviations—The Question Mark—The Question' Mark : Further Notes—The Exclamation Mark—Quotation ' Marks—Single and Double Quotation Marks—Misuse of Quotation Marks—Literary Examples—Quotation Marks with Full Stops and Commas—Quotation Marks with Other Punctuation Marks—Interrupted Quotations—Quotation Marks with Paragraphs—Multi-Line Quotations VIII. MORE PUNCTUATION : The Hyphen—Compound Words—The Hyphen as a Grouping Agent—Double Compound Adjectives—Words with Prefixes—Effect of The Omission of The Hyphen—The Hyphen : Miscellaneous Notes—Other Means of Adjectival Grouping—The Dash—The Dash as a Pause—The Dash in Parenthesis—The Dash as a Link—Brackets—Square Brackets—The Apostrophe—Marks of Omission—Capital Letters—Small Capitals—Italics IX. COMMON MISTAKES—1 : Subject and Object—"Who" Ami "whom"—"Whose"—"Every" and "Each"—"between Each"—Confusion of Singular and Plural—"Either" and "Neither"—The Use of Adjectives as Adverbs—Redundant Conditionals—Unformed Sentences—"Include" and "Including"—"Chart" and "Charter"—"Due to"—"Reason"—"Circumstances"—Omission of Articles—"Those Kind"—The Misuse of "an"—"At About"—"Face Up To"—"Stand for"—Other Verbs with Prepositions—"Perpendicular" and "Vertical"—"Parallel With"—"Compare"—"Used to"—"Promise." X. COMMON MISTAKES—2 : "Ought to"—"Lay" and "Lie"—"Attain"—"Different From"—"Try and"—"Times Greater than"—"Extended tour"—"But, However"—"Loan" and "Lend"—"Learn for "Teach"—The Misuse of "That"—"Right Here"—'Christmas"—"Moot Point"—"All Right"—"Averse From"—Confused Words—"Deprecate" and "Depreciate"—"Loathe" and "Loath"—"Forgo" and "Forego"—"Forbear" and "Forebear"—"Barmy" and "Balmy"—"Licence" and "License"—"Prescribe" and "Proscribe"—"Dependent" and "Dependant"—"Effect" and "Affect"—"Adopt" and "Adapt"—"Scan"—Redundant Past Participles—Unattached Participles—"Assuming"—"Judging"—Miscellaneous Examples of Unattached Participles—Unintentional Humour—Unattached Past Participles—Other Misuses of The Present Participle—Unrelated Words XI. ODDITIES OF THE LANGUAGE : Cliches—Commercial English—"as to," "as Regards, "with Regard to"—"The Former" and "The Latter"—Ellipsis in Comparisons—Switched Adjectives—"Lost To"—"Spoliation"—"as from"—"etc."—"and/Or"—"Little" and "a Little"—"To Build"—Possessive Problems—Problems of Plurals—"Messrs."—"Scotch," "Scottish." "Scots"—Scottish Usage—Scotland

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The Right Way to Improve Your English
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J.E. Metcalfe
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Jaico Publishing House
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